The McCampbell Game And a Video


On Wednesday the 17th at the monthly School Board meeting we all received a pretty big and long planned slap in the face. The details of that slap being made clear yesterday. I feel that it was no big surprise to any of us, but the amount of money involved still caught many off guard.

Many are outraged and by rights we all should be, but what I wanted to talk about today is my opinions on what has lead to this final act of depravity. We have all had a while to think about it, and at least for me it still is difficult to wrap my head around.


$250,000 – The median income for a household in the village is around $41,583, and the median income for a family was $48,525. $250,000 would be more then five years of household income in Schiller Park Illinois, but isn’t this money supposed to be for the purpose of educating the family’s children? If that is the case then it shouldn’t matter that most people could live for five years on that sum of money. The biggest question I have is if it will actually be used for its intended purpose, but we may never know. We can use history to point us in a direction but it’s still all just a bunch of opinions.


That is a lot of complaints to most people, but when it comes to this family it only scratches the surface. No one with the exception of the School District actually has a solid count of complaints filed against the School District of Schiller park. I have heard numbers anywhere from 70 to 90 individual complaints, and many many more filed against other educational establishments. They have attacked individual educators reputations and have been the reported cause of many people leaving their careers in Schiller Park. That still does not include the significant amount of complaints filed against other organizations that they may have something to gain from. I have yet to receive any confirmation that any of these complaints were actionable. I’m sure with hundreds of complaints filled all over, that something was actually done wrong some place, but to the best of my knowledge that is not the case here in Schiller Park, or its School District. Please correct me if I am wrong but trust me when I say I have looked.

The typical actions taken after a complaint is filled is harassment. Once you have been accused then the following, video taping, social media stalking, parking outside of your house, and more complaints accelerates. It’s the pattern we have seen so many times.


If I understand this correctly the School district is no longer legally responsible to provide an education to the McCampbell children. So what doesn’t that mean now? Private school, or home schooling, frankly it is none of any of our business, but I desperately hope that it will be home school as to keep any other educational facilities from suffering the wrath two adults seeking endless compensation for nothing at all. I also hope that some of the state organizations designed to monitor the safety of children keep a very close eye on this situation.



This can be viewed a few different ways, but if we take into consideration that the parents in this situation have never had a complaint that was deemed valid it looks like a little bit more fuel to the thought process that this was the end result they were shooting for all along. This is all of course opinion, but it sure does seem plausible. To the best of my knowledge no action other then self preservation has ever been taken against Schiller Park School District 81 as a result of a McCampell or Goldthwaite complaint.


Pretty self explanatory, but not surprising. Especially since it is a true statement. I can only imagine that the purpose of agreeing to such a settlement has everything to do with the unbelievable and unknown costs of legal fees to defend against the endless complaints filled by the McCampbell and Goldthwaite team. Even if their is no guilt at all lawyers cost money and a good name needs to be defended. All that boils down to the defense of the education system in Schiller Park.


Let us just see how this one goes. In my opinion others will just speak for him, and he has proven that he has no problem using unknowing participants as a mouthpiece.


Pretty self explanatory, but although I of course believe that the representatives of the School District acted of their own free will I feel that they were backed into a corner and had no other choice but to pursue such a settlement if for no other reason then to protect the rest of the children of School District 81.


It is most assuredly a lot to chew on, but when taking my opinions and mixing them in with the history of these individuals and their alleged past actions one can only assume the worst. You have to simply to protect yourself from becoming the next victim.

The video of the meeting is also available for your viewing and can be found here. The statements from the board members can be found after the executive session portion of the meeting.

Dont become the next victim. Stand up and speak out against the people that have made destroying this town and its children’s future their number one priority.



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