Only One Choice


Tomorrow is the day we have been hearing about for the past few months. Both sides have spoken their piece, accusations and defenses have been put to the public. We have heard from all of the players at the table, and some who stand off to the side.

Two very different parties, both very passionately defending what they believe and who they believe in. On both sides the names are the same as always. Some would say it’s a fight similar to good versus evil, and although that may be a bit over dramatic it isn’t much of a stretch when you look at one of the groups.

What I do know is that the people working for and defending the Schiller Park First party are the same ones who fought the good fight against the deceiving deeds of the likes of David C Stachura, Patricia Godziszewski, and Roy F McCampbell.  These same people have spent years of their lives doing everything in their power to get Schiller Park out of the hands, back room deals, and one sided pandering to the needs of a small few.

The same people that tried desperately to destroy the education of the Children of Schiller Park have taken to the call of defending the name and pushing for the campaign for re-election of our current Mayor Barb Piltaver. One of the people who is most outspoken in her defense, David C Stachura resigned in absolute disgrace from the School Board of Schiller Park School District 81 after having disregaurded his sworn duty for many months because it was to hard. That same disgraced Board member recorded video while two others harassed a voter, and resident practicing her constitutional rights, and then posted it to social media trying to shame a resident for standing for what she believes. One of those harassers is also running for School Board, and has never attended a single meeting. Are those morals and values you want involved In the potential leadership of Schiller Park?

Simply put:

The Vision for the Village party (Basically Evil) has taken the assistance and backing of people who have spent years of their lives trying to tear down the education of children, and cost the tax payers hundreds of thousands. Many relative newcommers to the positions they are running for, and at best have a lot to learn. At worst follow the beliefs of their supporters. The only players on their side we know anything about do not have a good track record in any form. Lies and back room agendas was their mantra, and I can not imagine these details have changed.

Schiller Park First (The good guys) has taken the assistance and backing of people that have fought for the education of your children, while keeping taxes and that same education well balanced. We know their track record and it has been well documented over the past few years in Schiller Park.

This election has become a quagmire as do many. We are slammed with mailers, and signs, and our brains are assulted with endless details, and the confusion of what to believe. If we break it down to the simplest facts and examine the history of those involved on both sides the choice is a simple one. I only know what I have seen over the past few years on the level of public education in Schiller Park, but they are the same people and this made the choice clear for me.

Vote for good, not evil

For School Board of Schiller Park School District 81

Allison Downs

Tina Ewanio

Laura Lukasik

Ana Ultreras

For Mayor, Clerk, and Trustee

Nick Caiafa

Rosa Jos

Moses Diaz

Tom Deegan

Joan Golembiewski

Schiller Park Library Board

Earl Gilpin

Diane Morioka

Daniel Sliwicki









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