Truth Vs Lies

Born to believe 
Many writers and historians believe that human beings are conditioned to believe, rather than disbelieve. Their for giving power to the liar, and their versions of the “facts”

Let’s do an experiment:

…you hear a noise in the grass. Is it a predator, or is it the wind? Your next choice could be the most important of your life. If you think that the noise in the grass is a predator and it turns out it’s the wind, you have made an error in cognition, a false positive. But no harm done. You just move away, you are more cautious, more vigilant.

On the other hand, if you believe that the noise in the grass is just the wind, and it turns out to be a predator, you’re done. Life is over.

A false positive in this case makes you more cautious, but it really costs nothing to believe that there maybe danger behind the noise.

In contrast to the false positive not believing in the danger, amd actually having it exist was deadly, and so we choose to believe. But more than just believing in that possible danger we tend to create patterns. That I turn helps us structure our lives. It creates meaning to what could easily be random. It is from there that we develop things like superstition and conspiracy theories. They make sense of what is random.

If this were all humans had to rely on for cognition — our limited brains making sense of that what we can’t understand — we would be in big trouble. Thankfully, however, we have verifiable facts. They ensure that what is random not just makes sense, but is also true.

And that’s where we get into some even more fascinating research about why people believe outright lies — easy to disprove lies like the kinds Donald Trump tells for example.

According to some, people tend to believe lies when they feel vulnerable. The less control people have over their lives, the more likely they are to try and regain control through mental gymnastics. Feelings of control are so important to people that a lack of control is inherently threatening. While some misperceptions can be bad or lead one astray, they’re extremely common and most likely satisfy a deep and enduring psychological need.

In normal life people find false patterns in data all the time. When they do, it’s usually because they feel a given situation is out of their control. A local example would be the Kennedy School Adition, people didn’t understand the numbers, felt out of control, and believed the lies spread to help ease their fear. It was easier to be angry and believe the false information that the School District was deceiving the community then it was to learn the difficult details and facts.

Fact or fiction
Of course, the more false the pattern, the more vulnerable you have to be to believe it. And of course, the more gymnastics your brain has to do to find the truth. The difficulty of the gymnastics mixed with fear or anger make the lies and falsehoods simply easier. That’s why certain individuals have very little other then tax complaints and fear of who I am to complain about.

Donald Trump, a man who is known for spreading falsehoods. He captured the imaginations of many people who felt vulnerable because of the past, present and future. He resonated in places of high unemployment, where manufacturing jobs have been on the decline for decades. These are places where a rational structure is needed to explain why things got so bad and why they don’t seem to be getting better.

But again this is not “rationality” as we think about it terms of reality. If it were, individuals would seek the truth no matter what their state of distress, because it is only when a problem is truly understood that the truth can be found.

Here is a relevant example. Donald Trump has dumped on China over and over again since he entered the national spotlight. He’s said that we are losing jobs to Chinese manufacturing and that the Trans Pacific Partnership was designed for China to come in, as they always do, through the back door and totally take advantage of everyone.

In the world of facts, however, we know that thousands and thousands of manufacturing jobs have been lost to automation, not off-shoring to China. We also know that China is not involved with the TPP in any way. In fact, the country has been upset about TPP since talks for the agreement started.

The human desire to feel in control supersedes all of those facts because they are hard to find or understand, and in turn, pushes us to believe what may be irrational, but is simple, understandable, and gives us a sense of control.

Think about it: Say you believe all the lies  Donald Trump has told about trade, China and the global economy. It’s a comforting notion, ultimately, because it means he also has the solutions. Voting for him, then, is a way to take control of that untruth.

Unfortunately, since it’s a lie, the problem will remain. Lies never solve anything, and the spreading of them by those in this community simply acting on revenge or some unknown agenda just make things worse. Things won’t change until we embrace the truth, and put in the effort to identify who is telling it, and who is not.


Why is Anonymity So Important

Why is anonymity so important?

Has David C Stachura taken it on himself in declaring the US Supreme Court wrong, and the First Amendment invalid? Of course he wouldn’t/couldn’t use those exact words. That is however the image he portrays with his devotion to my spine or lack there of simply based on my perceived anonymity. He has declared my message to be false simply because he and many others do not know me. Simply not knowing the author of a history book does not make it less true. Not knowing who wrote the dictionary doesn’t make its definitions false, or inaccurate.

People through anonymity can express themselves without fear of reprisal. In Schiller Park specifically there has always been a trend among the “Wrong Doers” (Description used based off of my point of view) to attack and harass those who speak up against them, they would metaphorically beat them into silence by attacking and harassing them, and their families. We saw it on a regular basis with the old, School Board leadership of David Stachura and Patricia Godziszewski. It has always been my opinion that in most cases they perpetrated those harassment campaigns through, and with the help of Roy F McCampbell. I do however feel that their once close group has been disrupted by parts of their group not being able to perform their assigned task, but it was the situation none the less. The smear campaign against the School District, its staff, and supporters became harassment on an epic scale. That is in fact why this blog was created in the first place. We wanted to give a voice to the majority of the community that could be safe from the onslaught of harassment intended to silence that voice. We wanted to have a voice that disarmed them of their only form of attack. You can not harass into silence that witch you can not identify.

The former group of troublemakers has for the most part devolved into one final voice spewing nothing but anger and hate. There is very little coherence left in what once was a consistent and unified all be it very negative voice, but that sole survivor seems hell bent on discrediting me simply based off of my perceived anonymity. In all actuality he does not even known for sure if his thoughts are true. I can only imagine the frustration caused by having someone tirelessly call you out on your lies, and not be able to specifically target their name with a smear campaign as has been their past practices, but none the less he continues with his school yard name calling.

Anonymity is the tool I chose to embrace to defend and protect my children and grand children. To protect my name I lessened my message, and by keeping the details of my identity secret I made more work for myself. This had a positive effect of forcing me to be more diligent in offering as much proof of my claims and opinions as possible. I feel for the most part I have succeeded. Of course I have my detractors, the people that obviously despise my very existence. They need no introduction but they hate none the less, and attempt to discredit my information as lies simply by declaring my secrets to be the key proof of my dishonesty. This is of course not true, and simply just another vain attempt at strengthening their position among the very harshly divided political portion of this community. For every hater there is at least one supporter, and if my hate mail to support mail ratio is an indicator, these is by far more for my information then against.

Anonymity has been a heated topic for far longer then any of us have been involved. It’s clear to me that anonymity is both good and bad. Anonymity has its place, and has always had a place in society. But the Internet is something new. Does anonymity have a right to exist as such on this new medium even if the risk is great? Twenty years ago, there was no Internet and we were doing fine with the issue of pre-Internet anonymity, so would technologically ending internet anonymity once and for all be a disaster? What changed that makes anonymity on the internet so important? And what would things be like if the internet had evolved to this day with anonymity being an impossibility? Ask yourself if we would be demanding anonymity on the Internet if we never had it in the first place.

Curiously, and in most cases with some exceptions like those I face with the aforementioned individual, those for and against anonymity seem to often have the same motivation—protecting democracy and freedom. The pro folks say that taking political debate to the highest level of discussion is not possible without some anonymity. Whistle blowers are a good example of why anonymity is necessary. Once they are discovered, they are fired and ruined. The anonymity folks will cite examples from law enforcement showing how attacking organized crime in particular and crime in general would be impossible without the use of anonymous sources. As I said before, I have chosen anonymity for my families freedom from persecution. Those honest individuals against anonymity would argue that in crime-fighting, anonymous sources are not reliable and can be abused, leading to the ruin of innocent people. Furthermore, anonymity is often used to illegally move secret information. People and corporations are often libeled by those who spread false information. In fact, a Schiller Park resident attempted to challenge my anonymity in court not to long ago, and did not succeed. This if nothing else was one of this blogs greatest success stories as it added validation to my message, and goals. It does not in any way prove what I have said as truth, that still remains in the hands of my readers, but it protected my freedom of speech by declaring I was not acting out of malice.
The United States Supreme Court has declared that protections for anonymous speech are vital to democratic discourse. Allowing dissenters to shield their identities frees them to express critical, minority views . . . Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. . . . It thus exemplifies the purpose behind the Bill of Rights, and of the First Amendment in particular: to protect unpopular individuals from retaliation . . . at the hand of an intolerant society.

I have included at the end of this post a small gallery of examples to my point. The individual mentioned above still resorts to personal attacks, of me and my family despite not even knowing who we are.











Quit Being A Quiter

A course got too hard so you dropped it, someone looked at you weird at a meeting, so it’s not worth going back—you name it, quitters always have an excuse for quitting. And, on the surface, it’s easy. But deep down, quitting is more like a disease. Being a quitter will work against your normal physiology, and it will stop some natural processes, creating whirls of free, unused energy, which will most likely transform into body imbalances- also known as illnesses. So, come on quitters learn to stick things out with these five ways to quit quitting. They will hopefully guide you in ways to fight the urge to give up when things get rough, allowing you to successfully accomplish tasks and goals. A must-read for anyone prone to preemptively throwing in the towel.


1. Clearly Decide What You Want

If you really like trolling Facebook all day just Troll it, don’t pretend you’re something your not just to procrastinate on Facebook while pretending you’re actually doing something worth while. If you really like having a beer or twelve, just sit on the couch for the whole day and have a beer or twelve. Don’t pretend you want to save the world from one person and that you’re doing some good when you really want to just sit there and be miserable.

Deciding what you want do or actually should do is the cornerstone of every successful activity. If you know in your heart that you want to be a better person, well, take note of what being a better person means.

Write down what you want to do in a visible place. Put it on the wall in front of you. I want to be a nicer person. Or I want to become a Better person. Or I want to become a kinder person. The most important thing generated by this simple action will be your energy focus. You will be focusing your resources in only one point, dramatically increasing your chances to succeed. Like the focus of the sunshine through a magnifying loupe: it can really light a fire.

2. Small Chunks Pays Big Time

Slice it up in daily manageable chunks. Long term results are more often the cause of small, constantly repeated actions. A sea is the sum of all the small creeks, after all. The beautiful snow is made by millions of snowflakes. A rainbow is light transformed by billions of raindrops. Just do what you have to do daily, regardless of how you feel about it. Fight the anger and hatred. But if you slice it up in daily chunks of repeated actions you will add up. You will build brick by brick. Step by step.

While browsing through my blog admin interface I saw that my blog now has more than 300 posts. For a moment, I couldn’t even imagine that number. Yes, I will have good days and bad days. Sometimes I will write 100 words, sometimes 2000. What matters is that I do it daily.

with this in mind if you practice being a nice person daily you can be successful and turn your life around.

3. Fail Fast, Fail Often

So you can understand if it works for you. If you don’t really fail on a wrong path, you can’t really know the good one. So, in order to be sure you are on the right track, be bold. Yes, you can fail. That’s one more reason to do hell out of your best in order to avoid failure. To mobilize every inch of resources available. It means going to sleep every day with a clear heart: I was as nice as I could be today.

One word though: I’m not in this big trend of “let’s have a big failure to be ready for success” which seems to have spread lately, but I do find failure indispensable in the learning process. Getting too intimate with failure can lead to a friendship as you well know, and I don’t want that. I accept failure as necessary and I welcome it every time it occurs, but man, what I want is success. Capital letters if you didn’t get it for the first time: SUCCESS!

4. They Don’t Know Shit About You

Nobody knows what you really want. Nobody can live for you. There is only one person in the universe who can live for you and that person would be, of course, only you. So, every time you get resistance from other people, resist to it. Don’t let it bring you down. Unless that resistance is helping you to be a better person. As long as you already have your dream clear in your mind, as long as you’re already doing what you Can daily to be a good person, in small chunks, as long as all your small failures made you even more confident in your path, don’t trust anybody but you. Only you can be a kind, good, and generous person.

This is especially necessary not only when you get rejected, but if you get accepted again. When you start to get praised again. When people start to notice your kind words. When they start to accept you again. Remember, nobody knows what’s in your heart. Don’t stop at the first sign of success. Don’t settle for an intermediary victory. Don’t accept the good while indeifnitely postponing the best. Nobody knows but you what success really means to you. Live it up to the fullest. If your goal was to become the nicest person in the world, don’t stop when you have just convinced a few. Even if being a nice person means centuries of evolution for you. Go for what YOU know you need, because they don’t know shit about you.

5. Be Happy About It

Chose one special moment to enjoy it. The end of the year will do it for many of us. Just look at what you did and be genuinely happy for it. Appreciate yourself. Appreciate your results. Smile at them. Smile at yourself. You did it! You have become a kinder gentler soul.

If you skip this step, all of the above will be useless. Appreciation is the invisible fuel of your actions. If you don’t appreciate what you’re doing, you’re not pumping enough fuel into your machine. Sooner or later it will stop.

It’s the beginning of a new year and I’m looking back at what I did in 2016. And I’m incredibly happy about it. I could explode with happiness and I’m not joking. Now I can see that every 10 minutes stolen from distractions are paying off big time. Every decision to work instead of procrastinating is transformed into real, visible value. And I’m happy for every “I can’t do this thing now” transformed into “well, let’s do it anyway”. I’m proud of what I did.

And that’s the whole secret behind how to quit becoming a quitter. Make I can’t quit something you’re proud of your saying for 2017.










































Face Value

As we are all very aware, American culture has taken a turn towards believing in none-truth more than truth. We believe what we read almost completely because someone simply wrote it, and that is taken advantage of regularly. We take things at face value, and Americans as individuals simply do not fact check. However this is not a new situation , but it has gotten worse in the last few years. Most notably during the recent presidential campaign, and election. I believe it’s a side effect of our current culture, not so much that the American people are lazy, but just simply do not have the time. It is in most cases simply not possible for one person to dig through the thousands of fake media posts. Believing something simply because it was written even bleeds down to our local level, but we have an advantage.

Our local political process, and more importantly the process of filtering out the “BS” from the truth is in no way as daunting of an endeavor as it is on the national or even state level. Just like the bigger national stories there is truth and lies all over our local news and stories. We have an election season starting, and with that comes all the “stories”. Now the advantage we have is that many of the groups or people being accused are also local, and this gives us more of an opportunity to approach them, and to simply get their side of the story. Please do not think I advocate their side of the story be taken as fact, but it is one piece in the bigger picture. Many times these stories have other ways of coming to factual conclusions, and often the system of choice at our level is the Freedom of Information Act. At least when the stories are directed at a person who holds a public position, or a public body of government like the School Board, or Village Trustees. At our local level the F.O.I.A. System is not bogged down by overworked underfunded departments who struggle to keep their head above water, and we can get results in a much more timely manner. Private organizations are a little different, but I feel that their own past actions and I’ll be honest good deeds speak for them.

Look at the bigger picture when evaluating a story or accusation posted online. Did the person accusing, or telling the story share what they call facts? Did they back up those facts with sources, and are those sources legally bound to tell the truth? Some red flags should be obvious to spot, but to clarify does the person accusing or telling the story have a less than questionable past themselves? Do they have something to gain from attacking someone’s character or actions? Do they suddenly fall silent when confronted, and even if they join the debate do they still lack details, and sources to their accusations? Do they refuse to help you find the facts to back up their commemts? If they can not or do not the chances are pretty good there is lies in what they are saying.

You have many examples of local people who love to share their nonsense and false information claiming that other parties are simply liars, bad people, or bad organizations because they said so. When asked to clarify they never respond, when asked to validate their allegation they can not. They respond by shutting out the people who challenge them for fear of being caught with nothing, because they have nothing.

David C Stachura is one such individual. He relies on his perceived image to verify the truth of his accusations, and counts on his past and his history of service to the country and community to strengthen his position. He has yet to ever back up one accusation with a fact, and expects everyone to believe him simply because of his past. In fact he has spent thousands in tax payer funds searching for the facts after he has made the accusations, and has every single time come up empty handed. I want to add to this example that their is in fact much for him to be proud of when you look at his history of service, and his past devotion to country. Many years of service to Schiller Park, and his country in the Air National Guard does not mean he is truthful or honest. He has been touted as a local war hero (rightfully so), but that is all anyone wants to see, again people give validity to what he says simply because he was “a war hero”. People change, and what they stand for changes, maybe they never stood for what they portray at all. When you look at his recent activity you will see gaps that don’t add up to the past image he tries to maintain. You should also take those gaps into consideration when evaluating what he has to say as truth or fiction, and don’t judge his statement simply based off of his fabricated image.

David C Stachura was a self admitted close personal friend to another of Schiller Parks most notable who was under indictment and recently settled his case and admitted to theft while fulfilling his role in public office. He learned his manipulation from that same friend. His other friends include a disgraced ex-school teacher, a private investigator who is also The Godfather to one of the admitted thief’s children, and a who’s who of people that have had their own integrity questioned more than a few times. From washed up politicians to questionable mayors, but forget all of those opinions and unprovable comments. The facts are as follows, David C Stachura has yet to share a single thing to back up what he says, he has yet to offer any information as to his source, or to the reasons for his accusations. He has never presented facts to anyone about anything. David Stachura will not engage in open dialogue with anyone he accuses. He abandoned his Role on the School Board of Schiller Park School District 81 only to resign more then eight months later, and continues to ignore the truth as presented. The sources to back up what I saw are in hundreds of blog posts discussing the exact subject, read them, follow the links to the sources in each post.

He is just one of the many examples of the smoke and mirrors his lack of integrity actually portrays.

As usual don’t take anything I write as fact until you have verified it yourself, get the facts for yourself.

Transparency and No Questions

First let’s start with transparency. At least as it pertains to the construction project at Kennedy School.

In a recent post on a Facebook page called Stop excessive taxation bla bla bla. The page’s authors commented the following

The Schiller Park School District 81 residents were never involved in the decision making process to expend almost $20,000,000. The only time the taxpayers heard is when they were told by the administration how they decided to spend $20,000,000 on their plans


This (as are all the other posts on that page) is false. The School Board and Administration had been discussing the needs for this for some time now. If my memory serves me right the first time I heard about the overcrowding was at the end of 2014, and this trend continued practically every month since then.  It was discussed at facilities committee meetings, at finance committe meetings, and the district put on a community forum (more on the forum here). Public discussions on this topic in one form or another has been going on more then twice a month for a year. The taxpayers of Schiller Park have had the opertunity to hear about this project or the reasons for this project at just about every public meeting since late 2014. Every one of those meetings with the exception of the committe meetings (minutes only for committe meetings, but they are open to the public) is recorded and posted for every tax paying member of the community to see and hear about. Every detail of the School District’s public business is laid out for the entire world to see.

In addition to all the public meetings, and the community forum there was a flyer mailed out.

The flyer was mailed to 6000 residents of School District 81. I received mine some time mid January, and I find it hard to believe that between the meeting discussions for almost a year, the community forum, and 6000 flyers mailed to the tax payers of School District 81 that anyone would even attempt to say “The Schiller Park School District 81 residents were never involved in the decision making process to expend almost $20,000,000”. We have been given every opertunity to be involved. (On a side note- saying almost 20 million is a stretch, and an attempt to grand standing in my opinion)

Lets talk about who is complaining about the tax payers not being involved.

  • It is again my opinion that the author of the Stop excessive taxation page is Roy F McCampbell. In his defense I have heard he attends many of the meetings. I can not say for sure about the Finance and Facilities committe meetings but I have been told he does not attend those at all. On the flip side of -the in his defense- he also has his nose in everything and knows full well how transparent this process has been from the beginning. He spreads his misinformation all over town knowing he is wrong.
  • David C Stachura. I know he has remained a complainer on this subject even though he has not attended a single School District meeting of any sort since he stormed out in June. Even though he found the time to attend village board meetings he has ignored his oath and remains absent from School Board business. He continues to act and talk as if he knows everything about the subject.
  • Korey Gibala Krastev, The distributor of the complaining question flyer out front of the Kennedy community forum. To the best of my knowledge she has attended absolutely no School District meetings of any sort nor has she asked any questions of the School Board or Administration. She handed out a flyer that no one believes was originally from her anyway. (Transcribed copy found here) she also has refused to comment on a Facebook post about the subject when directly asked questions.
  • Sophia Sanchez with an odd post on Facebook post to the page Resident Citizens community alliance that Shared her concerns about non-English speaking people being the cause of the needed expansion or some such thing.
  • Kathy Ewanio Janis by all reports attends little to no School District meetings with the exception of the community forum, and did in fact have some questions there. It was also reported that she agreed to the need for the expansion but says she had concerns over how it was going to be paid for. Her questions and apparent open mindedness ended there, and changed to comments on Facebook describing the project as simply an ego builder meant to get another plaque on a building. Doesnt seem to constructive as far as criticism goes.

As the one response to Kathy Janis said the public is winning. I think the public always wins when they have complete transparency and total honesty from any government body. P.S. Kathy Janis saying anyone’s answers are Vague answers is a stretch. Some statements don’t need long responses to show how incorrect they are. I again make a challenge to Kathy Janis, Roy F McCampbell, Dave Stachura, and anyone else who says the School District of Schiller Park is not honest, or transparent, or doing what is in the best interest if the Children and their education. Prove to the community and tax payers that they have done wrong or something illegal. Prove to the community that they are putting education at risk. Prove me wrong…..

I am not trying to shame anyone that has questions just those who dont seem to speak for themselves, and could care less about children and their education, or want to complain without actually caring about the answers. I have encouraged people with issues to reach out since the beginning of this blog and I imagine many have. If they are not contributing to the destruction of Schiller Park I have no quarrel.

As far as the construction project goes and as far as I know there has been no questions asked accept by me. Why is that? Maybe it’s because the people without an agenda received all the information and are satisfied with the answers? Satisfied doesn’t always mean they like the answers but was the literature and videos adequate? I really can’t speak for everyone else, but it was incredibly informative in my opinion.

One thing I do feel will continue to happen in Schiller Park School District 81 is the transparency, and honesty.




Februrary 2015 meeting

Tonight is Schiller Park School District 81’s Februrary School Board meeting and just like every month, I am asking everyone in attendance to watch the body language of David Stachura, and John Kowalski (if they should choose to attend). Observe their interactions with the community, and fellow board members. Listen closely to their questions (if they have any), and observe their reactions to their fellow School Board members questions.

Keep an eye out for new faces in the audience and introduce yourself. Show new people to the meetings that those in the audience are honest caring people with everyone’s best interests in their heart. Show them that this is a group of people who are concerned about what was going on with their schools, and that you are open to discussion. Explain that you care about the truth, and that stopping the destruction of this District, and consequently Schiller Park is of the highest priority.

Let any new members of the audience know that you will not allow your School Board meetings to be a political show for David Stachura. Show the town your respect and passion for the system that is put in place to protect your children, and your tax contribution from mishandling and abuse. Explain he TRUTH to them even if for the 100th time.

David Stachura, And John Kowalski need to be shown that we will not go away, and we will not relinquish the safety of our children’s future to their one sided motivations. They need to be held accountable for their actions or lack of action. They need to be told, but with some of what they refuse to show everyone else, respect.

Defend your rights. Don’t give them an ounce of ammunition, and STAND up for the children of School Dostrict 81.

Meeting agenda can be found here.

21,000 a month!


Think about that for a minute. 21,000.00 a month and you don’t even have to go to work anymore. That’s more then $5000 a week, and right around $131 an hour on an average eight hour day.

Now let’s add in that the person receiving that amount is under indictment for eight felony counts of theft and four felony counts of official misconduct, according to court records.

The grand jury indictment accuses him of stealing more than $500,000 from a west suburban village, in part by manipulating his employment contracts and deceiving the Village Board in what some say was an attempt to inflate his pension.

A 2010 Tribune investigation revealed that this person had been paid $472,255 in 2009 for holding 10 job titles — from mayoral assistant to public safety CEO — in the town of 20,000 and from cashing out a generous allowance of unused sick and vacation time. When He retired early the next year, the pay spike inflated his annual pension, then the highest of any retiree in the statewide pension system that serves municipal workers outside Chicago.

According to a past Harwood Heights trustee (linked below) he wasn’t much better there. “The village hired an economic development director at the start of Arlene Jezierny’s term in office. I thought good idea. I voted to approve the move. McCampbell received $5,000 per month. He was supposed to give a monthly report of what he was doing to earn that money. The contract between the village and him required a monthly report. How many reports did I receive/see? None. What was he doing? Google him? When Roy McCampbell was to be approved to renew his contract with the village after one year, he appeared on the front page of the Chicago Tribune as the Half Million Dollar a Year Man. He held several positions, village accountant, treasurer, attorney, etc., etc., in the Village of Bellwood and his yearly salary was $500,000 per year plus the 60,000 he was receiving from Harwood Heights as our Director of Economic Development.”

This is all very disturbing, but am I wrong to think that if an indictment covers something that may have increased someone’s pension benefits illegally it should be suspended pending the outcome of a court trial? Wouldn’t it be prudent that the state require a recalculation of actual benefits following the trial and require a return of overpaid funds? It seems only fair that the state would get back what was allegedly illigally taken from us.


All very disturbing

Facebook Post by Former Harwood Heights Trustee found here