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Only One Choice


Tomorrow is the day we have been hearing about for the past few months. Both sides have spoken their piece, accusations and defenses have been put to the public. We have heard from all of the players at the table, and some who stand off to the side.

Two very different parties, both very passionately defending what they believe and who they believe in. On both sides the names are the same as always. Some would say it’s a fight similar to good versus evil, and although that may be a bit over dramatic it isn’t much of a stretch when you look at one of the groups.

What I do know is that the people working for and defending the Schiller Park First party are the same ones who fought the good fight against the deceiving deeds of the likes of David C Stachura, Patricia Godziszewski, and Roy F McCampbell.  These same people have spent years of their lives doing everything in their power to get Schiller Park out of the hands, back room deals, and one sided pandering to the needs of a small few.

The same people that tried desperately to destroy the education of the Children of Schiller Park have taken to the call of defending the name and pushing for the campaign for re-election of our current Mayor Barb Piltaver. One of the people who is most outspoken in her defense, David C Stachura resigned in absolute disgrace from the School Board of Schiller Park School District 81 after having disregaurded his sworn duty for many months because it was to hard. That same disgraced Board member recorded video while two others harassed a voter, and resident practicing her constitutional rights, and then posted it to social media trying to shame a resident for standing for what she believes. One of those harassers is also running for School Board, and has never attended a single meeting. Are those morals and values you want involved In the potential leadership of Schiller Park?

Simply put:

The Vision for the Village party (Basically Evil) has taken the assistance and backing of people who have spent years of their lives trying to tear down the education of children, and cost the tax payers hundreds of thousands. Many relative newcommers to the positions they are running for, and at best have a lot to learn. At worst follow the beliefs of their supporters. The only players on their side we know anything about do not have a good track record in any form. Lies and back room agendas was their mantra, and I can not imagine these details have changed.

Schiller Park First (The good guys) has taken the assistance and backing of people that have fought for the education of your children, while keeping taxes and that same education well balanced. We know their track record and it has been well documented over the past few years in Schiller Park.

This election has become a quagmire as do many. We are slammed with mailers, and signs, and our brains are assulted with endless details, and the confusion of what to believe. If we break it down to the simplest facts and examine the history of those involved on both sides the choice is a simple one. I only know what I have seen over the past few years on the level of public education in Schiller Park, but they are the same people and this made the choice clear for me.

Vote for good, not evil

For School Board of Schiller Park School District 81

Allison Downs

Tina Ewanio

Laura Lukasik

Ana Ultreras

For Mayor, Clerk, and Trustee

Nick Caiafa

Rosa Jos

Moses Diaz

Tom Deegan

Joan Golembiewski

Schiller Park Library Board

Earl Gilpin

Diane Morioka

Daniel Sliwicki








Guidelines for Choosing an Attorney


Guidelines for Choosing an Attorney for Special Education Representation

If you have a child with a disability, you may find yourself in circumstances in which you require assistance in securing services to meet your child’s educational needs. In such circumstances, you may turn to an attorney for assistance. Below are some basic guidelines to assist you in selecting an attorney who will be helpful to you.

I want to add one very important piece of information before you get to the official State of Illinois list. This is not on the original, and is simply something that I feel many people overlook.

Do an internet search on any perspective attorneys to make sure they will best suit your needs. Some times you may find the person that seems genuinely perfect to help you in you and your child’s situation just may be in a bit of legal trouble, and nothing would hurt your efforts as a parent more then loosing your attorney in the middle of all your hard work because they went to jail.

This original and official list can be found here.

Select an attorney with special education expertise.
Special education is a complex area of the law, and one not generally taught in law school. Attorneys who assist parents in this field should be well-versed on the various federal and state laws and regulations, as well as the current special education cases coming from the courts.

Select an attorney with special education experience.
The practice of special education can involve simple negotiations, mediation, administrative hearings (called “due process hearings”), or court hearings. Attorneys who assist parents in this field should have experience with all of these areas or at least be able to explain the scope of their special education experience.

Ask how the attorney charges for his/her work.
Special education practice can range from public service attorneys who work for free or at low cost to eligible families to those in private practice who charge for their work. Be sure you understand and get in writing a statement of any and all retainers, hourly fees, or flat fees for representation.

Understand your role as parents.
Attorneys can advise you on the status of the law and about expected outcomes of your case based upon an analysis of the facts and the law. However, you remain the ultimate decision maker with regard to your child’s educational planning. You should also get regular updates from the attorney (preferably in writing) as to the status of the case. The attorney should be reasonably available to answer your questions and clarify issues.

Find out if the attorney has support personnel who will be assisting him/her.
Attorneys can be alone in the representation of families (called “solo practice”) or can practice with other attorneys or paraprofessionals. If you are likely to come in contact with or get billed for such other people, you should understand this person’s role in the case. If the attorney is using a paraprofessional as a lay advocate, you should understand how closely the attorney will supervise this paraprofessional.

Understand how long it may take to resolve the matter.
In some cases, attorneys can negotiate speedy resolutions for their clients; in others, it may take months to reach a resolution. Discuss with your attorney the time frame he/she anticipates in resolving your specific concerns. The attorney should be able to describe the various dispute resolution tactics (negotiation, mediation, due process, or state monitoring) that could apply in your particular case and a reasonable time frame for each.

Select an attorney who understands your child.
Each child with a disability is unique and presents unique educational concerns. Make sure you are confident that your attorney understands the underlying disability and how it manifests itself in your child. If a particular type of disability is new to an attorney, he/she should be willing to educate himself/herself in its particulars.


Obsess Much?

(Edited on 3/18/2016 to correct a statement in one of the pictures below. The individual adding the notes stated that one of my pages had been removed, but she is incorrect. It has been there since its date of posting. I’m still trying to make sense of the rest of her notes)

I have been accused of having an obsession or two on more then one occasion, and at times there is some specific truths to that accusation.

I obsess over facts, and truth. I obsess over people blatantly and ignorantly spreading misinformation. I obsess over my family, and their families.

I actually Obsess over Obsessing if that can be understood, and I am not the only one. Does anyone remember this post? “A pattern of harassment” His obsession was borderline dangerous in my opinion, but that is just a small sample of obsessive behaviors in beautiful Schiller Park Illinois.

We also have the obsession with spreading lies, or the obsession with using facts that have been twisted to fit the needs of the poster. It is hard to tell those people from the ones telling the truth, but I suspect that is the point. Like the Stop “Excessive” taxation Facebook page. We all know that page’s history of taking real situations and trying to spin them into something that is or will happen in Schiller Park while completely ignoring the actual reality of a situation. The use of inflammatory words simply designed to agitate those who don’t have access to the facts.

What about an obsession towards a person? An example being the obsession of a recently resigned School Board member with a single minded devotion to one family over all others in the school’s district?

How about the blind obsession of one person towards a larger group like in the following examples? The original poster seems to be “Obsessed” with finding things that don’t exist. At least this is what I think the intention was, but I am not completely sure.

If anyone can figure out what is going on in the following pictures please let me know.



Not correct the post you have referenced has never been removed. I have only ever removed one of my posts out of over 200, and that was not the one.





Those are examples of bad obsessions, or at least as far as I m concerned. I guess it all depends on your point of view doesn’t it, but does point of view change the facts? Does point of view alter the truth? The simple answer to that is no.

Facts, truth and reality are not in any way point of view dependent. They will remain the same no matter the side of the fence that you stand on.

I obsess every day about truth, facts, and reality. I strongly desire to spread truth, and share the facts in hopes that people will see reality. Does that make my obsession any more positive then the ones listed above? Now that questions answer is point of view dependent isn’t it.  I can think of more then a few people that would call my form of obsession “Evil”, “Destructive”, “all lies”, “Misinformation”, “Slander”, “Vile”, some even have said “criminal”. I believe this because I have accused them of the very same thing. But I present all of you with the last question. What do we, or should we all use to decide who is correct?

Truth, and facts are the only real way to decide what side of the fence you want to stand on. I know what I know because I researched it. I post what I post because I hope that anyone who reads these posts will have an open enough mind to see the possibilities, and do their own research to prove or disprove what I have to say. The sad fact of the mater is there will always be those who refuse to listen to “Truth”, and “Fact”. They will always choose the easy route, the path of least work. Or more sadly they will take the path of most personal gain. All the while the town of Schiller Park, Its families and children suffer, and for what.

Hello my name is James J Tompson, and I am OBSESSED with the truth, the facts, and the spreading of reality. Not the Destruction of Schiller Park.




This commentary is my opinion based off of the information I have found through my own research. Please take he time to verify everything on your own and come to your own conclusion. With an open mind and the ability to think rationally we can all make this town as great as we all know it can be.

pictures in this post shared with me by a concerned reader








March Meeting


Tonight is Schiller Park School District 81’s March School Board meeting and just like every month, I am asking everyone in attendance to watch the body language of those in attendance. Observe their interactions with the community, and fellow board members. Listen closely to their questions (if they have any), and observe their reactions to their Elected School Board members.

Keep an eye out for new faces in the audience and introduce yourself. Show new people to the meetings that those in the audience are honest caring people with everyone’s best interests at heart. Show them that this is a group of people who are concerned about what was going on with their schools, and that you are open to discussion. Explain that you care about the truth, and that stopping the destruction of this District, and consequently Schiller Park is of the highest priority.

Defend your rights but with respect and kindness. Don’t give them an ounce of ammunition, and STAND up for the children of School District 81.

More Transparency

We have already discussed the transparency of the Kennedy School addition, and how School District 81 of Schiller Park as in my opinion gone above and beyond what many other Districts have done.

just today a post was made to the School Districts official Facebook page saying the following.

Please visit the Kennedy Project Information section on the SD81 website for updated information. This week a letter was sent home regarding the start of construction. http://www.sd81.org/about/Kennedy-School-Project.cfm

Despite the bad information the McToxics keep trying to spread among the community this is a wonderful thing for everyone.

help-rejecting complainers


Reminder for our SD81 families and community members: Tomorrow night at 6:00 pm at Kennedy is the information meeting about the Kennedy School addition. Please take this opportunity to learn about how overcrowding and growing enrollment is being addressed at Kennedy. We look forward to seeing you there. Thank you.

The quote above was taken from the SD81 Facebook Page (Found Here).

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, all School Board meetings are important, but there are some that are more important then others.

The last few months have produced a lot of exciting and important things in our district. This meeting will be no exception, and equally as important is the community forum before the meeting.

Please join School District 81 for an information session on the Kennedy School Construction Project

When: Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Where: Kennedy Elementary School

Time: 6:00 pm


6:00 pm – 6:15 pm – Kennedy Tours

(The public will have the opportunity to tour Kennedy School and view why Kennedy School requires additional space to meet student occupancy needs and address safety concerns.)

6:15 pm – 6:30pm – Presentation

6:30 – 6:45 – Breakout Q&A session

(The SD81 administration will answer questions from the public. Members of the public will write out their questions and provide their contact information. If a question requires follow-up or cannot be answered without review and research, the District will respond as soon as possible.)

This is a fantastic opertunity for any, and I mean absolutely any community members that have questions they want answered to find those very answers. All the people in the know will be in attendance. (Maybe even some people not in the know).

Several weeks ago, during a Q-and-A event I attended, a woman raised an issue, she’s normally a very negative person, and she’s always complaining. I try to be positive and helpful, but nothing I say helps. I suggest all sorts of things to help cheer her up or explain the situation ‘Why don’t you Attend a meeting?’ ‘Why don’t you talk to so and so who can answer your questions?’ ‘Why don’t you call This person or that person?’ But she just say no, no, no.
I don’t have any great insights to offer, but an article I recently read got me thinking back on that conversation.
In a paper called “Complaining” by Robin Kowalski and Janet Erickson, in a fascinating volume, Aversive Interpersonal Behaviors (I try to read these books so you don’t have to), I read a description of “help-rejecting complainers.”
A “help-rejecting complainer” complains as a way to seek help and support, but then rejects any help that’s offered. Whenever anyone tries to make a constructive suggestion
— “Why don’t you try…?” or “You could…?” — the help-rejecter insists that the advice is useless. In fact, help-rejecting complainers sometimes seem proud to be beyond help.
People often find help-rejecters annoying because first, the help-rejecter wants constant attention and two, it’s very frustrating when attempts at help are constantly refused.
If you’re facing a help-rejecting complainer, it can be useful just to realize this category of behavior. If you’re dealing with a help-rejecter, don’t expect to make any headway by dreaming up creative new suggestions. Don’t wear yourself out.
As always, with happiness, the secret is mindfulness. Whether as a help-giver and help-getter, it’s useful to step back from any particular conversation and to look for broader patterns of behavior, especially when interactions with a particular person always seem to end unhappily.

Don’t be a “help-rejecting complainer” be a “help-accepting complainer” and attend tonights community forum at Kennedy Elementary @ 6pm. Get the answers to your questions from the people that know. If you have a complaint or problem follow that up with a solution.

At a minimum come see all the positive things this School District is doing for our children.