Congratulations Schiller Park, You Made a Difference.


I can not deny how unsurmountable the obstacles felt that had been blocking educational progress in Schiller Park’s Public Schools, and that there has been true progress over the past few years. Not only for the betterment of the children of Schiller Park, but for the entire community.

September 26th 2014 at 3:16 pm two hundred and twenty posts ago we made the first installment of the current blog. With the help of a community that was sick of the destruction we stood up, and spoke out against those who would do our kids harm. The first post was titled “In the beginning there was a comptroller! well almost the beginning” and it set the tone for all that followed. “The ‘Robin Hood of potholes’ or ‘The pothole Vigilante’“, and “Pre-career change job training? Getting ready for the work crew in the big house?” followed shortly after. Some times I look back at these posts, and think of how much simpler this blog was. There was so much to share, and everything was new news to many of us. There had been such a destructive and dark blanket of negativity surrounding everything, that I didn’t have to look very hard to find something new to share.

Back then we were talking about harassment “Is it a pattern of harassment? Someone should contact the authorities!” and  connections between a small few board members, and one family in the community. We talked about how these connections so blatantly produced bad, and biased choices on the part of David Stachura, and Patricia Godziszewski. (Example). We talked about abuse of the staff and one persons past job titles in “The many jobs of McCampbell! Job (Jobs) well done!” There was topics that have carried through to recent posts. Like “Pension fund scoundrel!“,  and more recently “21,000 a month!“.

Yet some things have remained the same. We are still waiting on a resolution to the indictment of our local infamous “Accused” criminal, and some of the McToxics still feel the need to spread bad information.

Through all the negative aspects of the last two years the quality of educators our children have in Schiller Park School District 81 has only grown, and there has been many good changes. A pretty big one is the recent swearing in of two new School Board members that have replaced the cowardly lion David Stachura, and Mr. talkative John Kowalski. The expansion of Kennedy School, and an Ipad initiative both helping to keep the Schools technologically and educationally current. Schiller Park School district 81 has an award winning Superintendent, School Board, and staff that cares about the children and community that they serve. These talented professionals are now free to do their jobs unhindered by bad, self-serving personal agendas, and can focus on educating the children that will make our future great.

Are the McToxics gone? No, but we will continue to fight the good fight, and with the continued contributions of so many of you there is nothing but good times on the horizon for a long time to come.

Congratulations Schiller Park, you made a difference.



Februrary 2015 meeting

Tonight is Schiller Park School District 81’s Februrary School Board meeting and just like every month, I am asking everyone in attendance to watch the body language of David Stachura, and John Kowalski (if they should choose to attend). Observe their interactions with the community, and fellow board members. Listen closely to their questions (if they have any), and observe their reactions to their fellow School Board members questions.

Keep an eye out for new faces in the audience and introduce yourself. Show new people to the meetings that those in the audience are honest caring people with everyone’s best interests in their heart. Show them that this is a group of people who are concerned about what was going on with their schools, and that you are open to discussion. Explain that you care about the truth, and that stopping the destruction of this District, and consequently Schiller Park is of the highest priority.

Let any new members of the audience know that you will not allow your School Board meetings to be a political show for David Stachura. Show the town your respect and passion for the system that is put in place to protect your children, and your tax contribution from mishandling and abuse. Explain he TRUTH to them even if for the 100th time.

David Stachura, And John Kowalski need to be shown that we will not go away, and we will not relinquish the safety of our children’s future to their one sided motivations. They need to be held accountable for their actions or lack of action. They need to be told, but with some of what they refuse to show everyone else, respect.

Defend your rights. Don’t give them an ounce of ammunition, and STAND up for the children of School Dostrict 81.

Meeting agenda can be found here.

Thank goodness


Thank goodness for small, or in this case large miracles.

It seems politics has been on Mr David C Stachura’s mind for some time now, and it doesn’t seem to have been his calling then either. How committed would he have been? Or would he have ran at the smallest sign of things not going his way?

Here is another possible example of the universe looking out for the well-being of the human race. What would his thought process behind his “Alleged” activities in Bellwood have been like on a state-wide level?

Roy F McCampbell for State Senate?


Sit and think about how things may have been so very different if these campaigns were successful.


David C Stachura Standing up for what he believes in - Nothing

David C Stachura continuing to standing up for what he believes in – Nothing

David C Stachura seems to be proving all of his opposition correct. For more than two years many residents have been telling anyone that will listen what they already knew. They have felt for a long time that David C Stachura does not care about the Children of School District 81, or the voters and tax payers of Schiller and Franklin Parks. They believe he only cares about one thing, David Stachura.

So basically in my opinion he is a coward. That might be harsh to some, and his ever dwindling supporters would say he is just taking a stand for his beliefs. To that I would add that his supporters are correct. He is in fact taking a stand, a stand for his beliefs, and the beliefs of cowards everywhere. The bottom line to me is that he does not like the people he is serving on the School Board with, and does not like what they stand for. Instead of trying to fight for his beliefs or simply resign, he chooses to hide. It also appears oaths mean nothing to Mr David C Stachura, and monthly meetings seem to be optional.

What brings me to this post? See for yourself as usual here, but you do not have to watch the videos in full. By the time minute 35 of the June 17th meeting has passed David C Stachura has checked out, and he has not been seen at a School Board meeting of any type since.

June 17th 2015 David C Stachura walked out of the meeting at 7:31pm and began his apparent “stand” against good schools.  Meeting minutes found here. From that point to the present he has missed 18 meetings. In fairness to Mr Stachura some of those gatherings were committee meetings he was not a part of, in fact Mr David C Stachura is not a part of one single committee. There has been finance, facilities, policy, and negotiations committee meetings that all involve something David Stachura pledged to the voters to protect, tax dollars. Think about this for a minute, a very recent President of the Schiller Park School District 81 School Board knowingly chooses to not be a part of a single committee or meeting, and has missed every single meeting since June of this year. That says a lot to me, and raises a lot more questions.

Again let us not forget David C Stachura along with Patricia Godziszewski ran on a platform of protecting the tax payers interests, and he pledged to stop the alleged and never found miss-spending of your tax dollars. Now this just might be me but it seems a little difficult to defend your tax dollars and stop alleged miss-spending if you do not attend anything or are not a part of any school board activities that deal with tax dollars.

Thank you David C Stachura for proving us all right, and continuing to show us how you really feel about the children, staff, parents, voters and tax payers of School District 81. Your are an inspiration to none, and an excellent example of poor and selfish public service. 

Personal emails


Another very good article by the B.G.A. On the growing issue of personal email accounts being used for public business.,_public_trouble/

Is this or was this a concern in Schiller Park School District 81? I do remember the resignation letter from a past legal firm being sent to the then School Board President David Stachura, and the then School Board Vice President’s personal email accounts, and then ending up on someone’s personal blog before the upcoming School Board Meeting.


Notice the date on the resignation letter? June 11th 2014, notice the date on the web link below? June 12th 2014. I bet and this is just my personal feeling, not even 24 hours passed by before the letter was forwarded to the owner of the blog shown below.


The above Blog post has since been taken down, but if someone were to search for Law Firm Resigns as Attorney for Schiller Park School they would still get a now private hit for that topic. Another search points to this link The blog is no longer available and has been deleted by its owner but so often things on the internet that have been deleted can still be found.

The School Board meeting that accepted the resignation did not happen until June 18th of 2014. (David was absent) Was the remaining School Board members notified by the then President and Vice President or did they learn of it on the Internet? I can not answer that, but I know what I think.

If you were to think about that resignation letter just a little would you ask yourself the same questions others have? Would you wonder why the School District’s law firm would resign to the personal emails of two of the District’s Board Members? Was that just the normal practice when that firm discussed issues with David Stachura, and Patricia Godziszewski? Was their personal emails used so regularly that when the previously mentioned law firm decided to resign it was easy to just send it to their personal emails?

How often did the two aforementioned individuals use their personal emails for official public business?

Wasted Money


Please stop wasting taxpayer money Mr David C Stachura. Fulfill your elected duty or resign…

As I reported in an earlier post “Lack of commitment” David Stachura, and John Kowalski did not attend a July 17th and 18th two day Schiller Park School District 81 School Board retreat. At the retreat some of the topics were Financial Projections, Review/Refine SD81 Goals, Board Practices and Communications, Management Resources Services/Team Building. To me those subjects sound a little important, and something I would think all seven of the School Board members would want to be involved in.

I always like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt in most situations, and thought that maybe the two missing individuals never signed up. I submitted a F.O.I.A. because i like to back up my opinions with proof.


In hind sight I should have requested a copy of any sign up sheet or emails verifying David C Stachura, and John Kowalski’s confirmed attendance, but I did not. So with that being said we can make a few assumptions based off of the remaining responsive documents.


Lets use this invoice from Management Resource Services for the team building portion of the School Board retreat as a guide. I know from what I have seen in the past that Schiller Park School District 81 does not just sign people up for events, or frivolously spend money without some sort of commitment. The bill shows a description of billing for a “Half day workshop on interpersonal and team communications skills to 7 Schiller Park School District 81 Board Members on June 19th 2015” Additionally there is a line item on the same invoice for “7” profile reports. So the district paid for this service for seven Schiller Park School District 81 School Board members, but how many actually attended?



More evidence of a lack of commitment to duty? Neither Dave Stachura nor John Kowalski made it to either day of the retreat, but judging by what the School District Paid to Management Resource Services John Kowalski, and David Stachura agreed to attend prior to the 17th, and 18th of July.

But wait what is this I also see in my F.O.I.A. response? Is that actually Mr John Kowalski’s name showing as having completed something? I had to read it three times because i didn’t believe it the first two.


There is a very serious and obvious issue going on here. Why has David C Stachura, and John Kowalski missed so many meetings? Is it because the community is more involved now then David Stachura ever wanted it to be? Is it because we as a town are now asking questions he can not answer? We may not ever know the truth, or the reasons for his lack of commitment, but one thing i do know is that i wish he would move over and let someone else sit in his chair. Someone who actually cares about fulfilling a sworn duty.

This blog is the opinions of James J Tompson. They have been formed by researching and digging for facts to base my 

opinions on.

No questions


A few Days ago a blog post on another now private and very libelous blog stated that majority members of the School Board of School District 81 were attempting to force David C Stachura, and John Kowalski from their positions. The reason given was that the Board majority didn’t like the questions David Stachura and John Kowalski were asking.

For those of you who have watched the recorded School Board meetings you will already know that John Kowalski doesn’t speak at all, let alone ask questions. David Stachura rarely speaks in coherent complete sentences. On the few occasions when he has, the subjects his own shared blog claims the board is trying to silence have never come up. (Meeting videos found here)

Two of the items the original post claims David Stachura and John Kowalski were not being allowed to question are transparency, and the budget. Now knowing that they have never questioned the School Board on those two subjects during any public meeting I have observed I could only assume he has questioned the School Board or the District staff through Email. With that assumption I submitted a F.O.I.A. And received the following response.


“The district has no documents responsive to your request”

I picked the date of the election as the starting point because it is a very important date to many. It should mark the date that Mr David C Stachura at a minimum started keeping his word to the tax paying voters of Schiller Park, and part of Franklin Park. He walked on behalf of Patricia Godziszewski spreading their word and sharing all the things they will accomplish in defense of the tax payers of School District 81. When in fact since that date he hardly attends Board meetings, or walks out early because he can not answer questions asked of him.

Not one single email or public record of any questions or concerns as far as transparency, the district’s budget, or staff issues. The original post on the previously mentioned Stachura/McCampbell blog is particularly funny to many because David Stachura is not known for being open and transparent when it comes to the School Board. When asked questions he walks out. If he even thinks the citizens in attendance of a meeting have questions he doesn’t show, or even votes against replacing the second public participation he removed when he became president.

All of these points are because he has lied to everyone from the beginning, and has not one concern for the tax payers of School District 81.  Neither does John Kowalski who was nothing more then a semi-warm body filling an empty space on an election ticket. He has contributed zero to this district and will continue to do so.

The dark cloud that has hung over this fine school system for a few years now has a name. A few names actually, and two of the biggest ones are David Stchura, Patricia Godziszewski, and Roy F McCampbell. Remember those names and remember their connections, and friendships when making choices in the next election.