Why Anonymity?


I have an archive full of unpublished blog posts.

Some of them exist only in my brain, swimming around, keeping me awake at night until I finally give in, turn on the light and write them out. Others are already written, stored deep in the bowels of my computer’s hidden cyber-recesses. A select few have made it as far as being stored and saved here on WordPress.

Tonight I almost registered a new domain, and I still might. An outlet for the rants, too controversial, too powerful, too intense even for this Blog. But then, I realized, that is what this blog was originally supposed to be about. Outlandish thoughts, radical truths, deep reality.

But, here in this new cyber-social world it’s often hard for me to go completely wild. I do find myself tempering those rants to some degree in the name of kindness. Again, In this new cyber-social reality everything is interconnected, every thought, every post, every undotted i and uncrossed t, a potential landmine down the road.

I used to make fun of people with full body and facial tattoos – “What do you mean, what am I staring at? You tattooed your FACE. You know that’s never coming off, right?” Well, the internet is like a giant full body, face and soul tattoo. Everything we put out is there for life, or beyond. And unless you’re a really good hacker, it’s all traceable right back to my breakfast bar where I sit spewing out another post.

There is really no such thing as being truly anonymous on the web. Everything we do is tracked in some form or another, measured and sold to the highest bidder, I know, I have created a fake online identity to a point as part of my personal security from that, and for true freedom of speech. They’re easy to set up but unless you follow a few basic rules and are careful they are not completely anonymous and untraceable.

Does complete anonymity or untracability really matter? In my case not as much because I am not spreading malicious lies intent on defaming, but i still take many precautions. I also have some protections under our constitution, and there is a line that I have chosen never to cross for that reason. Being honest is of the utmost importance to me.

Now consider that I didn’t even try to keep this blog anonymous. Anyone who reads it could get to me, e-mail me, call me or my family, if anyone was so inclined they could follow me as they have done to others. Harass my family and friends. You know their drill, their tactics to suppress anyone who speaks out.

But sometimes, a thought is so dangerous, so powerful, so radical that it almost NEEDS to be shouted anonymously, and just because someone doesn’t agree with that thought, Idea, opinion, truth, or reality does not make it wrong or criminally actionable, but that is the new reality of this world. We may have a legal freedom of speech but not a social one.

There is two kinds of people who want to know who I am. The curious, and those who want to stop me.

Think about the great collective “anonymous”, the Chanology group working to take down Scientology, or at least get their tax exempt status revoked. They have wreaked wonderful havoc on the Cult of Scientology (which, before you get all uppity in my face IS a cult, started by a few sci-fi authors AS A JOKE. It was a con to see if they could start a religion and show the world how easy it was to dupe the masses. The joke’s on them, it worked too well!) They wouldn’t have had the power to do what they did if their faces, names and professional identities were known.

Think of all the folk tales, proverbs, and ancient anonymous wisdom handed down through the millennia to reach us now. Even the Bible was written by an anonymous. (No, it’s not the literal word of God) So there is definable power in anonymity.

When I was in school I was asked, many times, to fill out anonymous teacher reviews, student reviews, votes, etc. Being the defiant and overly honest little twerp that I was, I ALWAYS signed my name, legibly. I was raised on the value of honesty. I was raised believing that if you were going to say something it was important to be willing to stand behind it, proud and tall. So I did.

Looking back though, I realize that by limiting myself to only that level of honesty I evaded the true honesty, the kind that might have gotten me tossed out of school, or that might have gotten a pedophile put away, or kept a bigoted teacher from bullying another student, or…..

There is power in anonymous. Power that, as this cyber-social reality engulfs us all, we might need to reclaim a little of. Not for hate speech, there’s quite enough of that out there already, thank you. But for forbidden wisdom, disregarded truths, deep and disturbing insight into this brave new world we are waking up to.

I needed that place, a place of true freedom of expression, freedom from the hate mongers and fear mongers, a place where I don’t have to login via any of our existing social networks, a place where I can be… anonymous.

Some day we all need to get together and shout our true names and our true hearts loud enough to be heard and valued just the way we are. Perhaps, in that brave new world of respect, we can rise to the occasion and continue down our brazen path openly, hoping that the people who come to read us will respect us for our truths, even if they are different. Sadly that time is not now, and there again is the great power of anonymity.

Until our differences can be accepted, and the personal war waged by those intent on the destruction of our town simply for their own gain can end I will remain anonymous. Anonymity is sometimes what keeps the truth, and reality safe from those who appose the spread of it.


Pro Libertate


For liberty and for freedom

Today is the anniversary of the day that quite literally changed the world. The day that a group of terrorists tried to take America away from Americans, and freedom from the world.

Today is not about who is wasting money or who may be hurting the education of our children. It’s about the day that a small few tried to take away the freedoms to have our own opinions, and beliefs. It’s about the attempts of those same few to take away our freedom to act (peacefully) on those opinions, and beliefs. It’s about the thousands of lives that were needlessly taken on that day by those who wished to harm our way of life, and their attempts to limit our freedoms.

In America we have the freedom to act on and speak about our feelings on almost any subject. We have the right to peacefully gather and protest. We have the right to speak out against our politicians and other officials. We have these rights without the fear of retaliation by our government, and we can do those things and so much more because of so many that have fought and given their lives in defense of the freedoms that the bill of rights guarantees us. Freedom of religion, free speech and the due process of law.

So many have stood in defense of those very basic freedoms and against the actions of those who brought September 11th 2001 to our history. So many more have given their lives to defend what those before them died to create, and we can truly never forget the sacrifice of all those that died before, during and after that fateful day.

I owe every blog post I write to those who have died for my right to do so. Every time I press the publish button or anytime any one of us share our opinions or beliefs publicly we are shoving it down the throats of those who tried to destroy our way of life on September 11th 2001.

The fight for freedom is not strictly an American cause or a new one, and September 11th 2001 not only changed the way of life for every American it also Changed the way of life for everyone on this beautiful planet. We can never forget the lessons learned that day, but we can also not allow those lessons to change who we are. We can never stop fighting for the freedoms we all deserve.

“Dico Tibi Verum, Libertas Optima Rerum: Nunquam Servili Sub Nexu Vivito, Fili” – William Wallace

My Son, Freedom is best, I tell thee true, of all things to be won. Then never live within the Bond of Slavery.