I find it funny

I find it funny that shortly after an individual files a petition of discovery against my Facebook, Email, and WordPress that the imposter James Tompson’s Blog completely disappears. Deleted by its creator.

Shot 201518

Don’t get me wrong I am glad it is gone, but in the end did their attempt at ruining my reputation succeed? I can’t answer that, but in my opinion it didn’t. I know I have seen more blog traffic then normal since its creation, but what I will say for a fact is that it was disgusting what that blog posted, lies designed to destroy reputations can not be hidden by a “?”. As I have said over and over I have tried desperately to be as truthful as possible, and prove my thoughts when I could. I have never posted in anger, or with the intention of hurting anyone. I only ever wanted to share information, and maybe open some peoples minds to what is possibly going on around them. The fake JT blog did nothing but damage its creators ability to sleep at night, and drive people towards truth.

The petition that was filed against me is called a rule 224. It is a petition used to discover an anonymous person that may be responsible for damages to another person before actually proceeding with a separate lawsuit. I do not believe I fit what a rule 224 was designed to do, but that is for the judicial system to figure out. What I do believe is that The fake JT blog, the schillerparkblog, and a few others i will leave unnamed do happen to fit the description of what a rule 224 petition would be used for. That is some food for thought for all of you that have been attacked by any of those web blogs.

What exactly is a rule 224 petition? answer found here

Once something is posted on the internet it remains on the internet. Most companies store their information for a very long time, and just because someone deletes a blog doesn’t mean it is still not discoverable.