McCampbell and Triton College


One of the many jobs held by Roy F McCampbell was at Triton College. After he resigned in January of  1998, he was replaced by a Sean Sullivan who was then appointed Triton vice president for business services.

In August of 1999, McCampbell’s wife (who also worked for the college) Mary Jane Goldthwaite, filed a libel/slander lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court against Triton and several officials related to statements made about her and her termination by the school. In October of 2000, Goldthwaite filed a four count federal civil rights lawsuit against Triton, alleging a hostile work environment and sexual harassment by Sullivan, and retaliation by the college for her reporting the harassment.

The college negotiated a sealed out-of-court settlement with Goldthwaite and her husband, McCampbell, who was acting as one of her attorneys.

McCampbell and Goldthwaite continued to work with Triton and Sullivan after this settlement. McCampbell was a director of the Triton Foundation; Goldthwaite served as secretary. Sullivan was the foundation’s treasurer.

All three continued to work together after that? It’s also ironic that a McCampbell would complain about harassment and a hostile work environment. Maybe this gave them the idea.


Missed Educational Opportunities


I was recently reading an older article on TribLive written by Kellie B. Gormly (found here) One of the points in the article really stuck with me.

• Don’t demand benefits for your child to the detriment of other children’s needs.

This really stuck with me, and I really cant stop thinking about it.

What has the actions of one family cost every other child in School District 81? More specifically what has the actions of one family cost all the rest of the special education students of Schiller Park School District 81? In monetary terms tens of thousands would probably be a severe understatement. Hundreds of thousands would most likely be more accurate. Can we calculate the educational opportunities lost do to the turmoil surrounding these two people? No matter the price the cost was to high.

We are talking about time in these children’s lives they can never get back. Lost opportunities that will never again be realized. What these two have done should be a crime, and some day maybe it will be, but for now it is up to us to stay informed and educated. We have to be the defenders of our children and grand children. We have to advocate not just for the rights of our own, but for the rights of all children. We have to use the examples of two very destructive adults as what not to do, and learn from the examples of destruction they have perpetrated on Schiller Park School District 81. We have to look at the source of accusations and complaints a little closer, and use that information to appropriately place the venom they speak into the correct category.

Lets recap a post from back in 2014 to restart the flow of reality with one of the individuals we are dealing with. Original post found here. Please keep in mind this is only scratching the surface.

Numerous rumors and untruths have been continuously circulated and posted regarding this very politically active individual.

It is time to set the record straight.

These FACTS: are verified and proven through news articles, court documents, F.O.I.A. requests, his own blog, and resignation letters. Much of this information was taken from the Indictment filed against him. Some of the following “FACTs” are accusations by the states attorneys office, and part of an IndictmentIn the United States of America everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

FACT: McCampbell took advantage of misguided trust and breached every fiduciary duty in drafting and manipulating his employment contracts obtaining benefits never openly disclosed or knowingly authorised.

FACT: McCampbell took measures to cover up his actions and those of his administrative assistant and ultimately just blatantly stole compensation.

FACT: McCampbell, is credited with putting Bellwood Illinois in almost 100 million in debt.

FACT: McCampbell bullied insurance benefits that were never authorized or permitted, and $100,000 in insurance compensation between 2008-2009

FACT: McCampbell stole $20,000 in compensation in 2008

FACT: McCampbell stole $36,000 in compensation in 2009

FACT:  McCampbell Authorized over $400,000 for his administrative assistant’s loyalty and cooperation between 2006-2009

FACT:  McCampbell admitted to taking advantage of the village and actively covered up his true pay.

FACTS: The Defendant ROY F MCCAMPBELL is charged by Grand Jury Indictment with the felony offenses of 720 ILCS 5/16-1

  1. (Theft from Government in excess of $100,000, Class 1 felony),
  2. (Theft in excess of $500,000, non- probationable Class 1 felony).
  3. (Theft from Government in excess of $10,000, Class 1 felony),
  4. (Theft from Government in of $500, Class 3 felony)
  5. 720 ILCS 5/33-3 (Official Misconduct, CIBSS 3 felony)

FACT: Bellwood, Illinois filed a complaint in Cook County circuit court accusing Roy F. McCampbell of running village finances into the ground as he had control of the budget between 2005 and 2009 as comptroller, public safety director and corporation counsel. He was paid more than $1.5 million over this period, ending 2009 with a salary of $449,312.

FACT: “Defendant acted with reckless disregard for the rights and interests of the village in the performance of his duties while a village employee,” the sworn complaint stated. “As a result of his willful, wanton, and/or reckless conduct, the village suffered economic and non-economic damages.”

FACT: McCampbell’s child was dismissed from his school due to abuse of the staff by him and his wife. — information discovered from a currently deleted blog post by McCampbell himself (here)

FACT: McCampbell has filed many unsubstantiated complaints against the school district and its staff, and continues to do so. (more on this in future blog posts)

FACT: McCampbell has stalked teachers and staff on repeated occasions. Including people that have already resigned.

FACT: McCampbells repeated unsubstantiated complaints, and delaying tactics have cost this town and its tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

FACT: McCampbell has used his knowledge as a lawyer to intimidate residents who stand up and defend their children’s education.

FACT: McCampbell has made regular and continuous unfounded accusations against members, and employes of this community with various state organizations.

FACT: McCampbell still practices law despite his ethical breaches while employed by the village of Bellwood

FACT: ROY F McCAMPBELL has stated his intention on running for school board of School District 81 on the April 2015 ballot. Is this the type of man anyone would want having a say in how are tax dollars are spent, or how your children are educated?

I am a bit perplexed and saddened that this individual has the nerve to actually ask for peoples votes!

In subsequent blog articles I am going to explore each of these FACTS more in depth.  We all have a right to differ in our opinion with others.   We need to respect this right of differences of opinion and approach it in a civil manner, but also respect the interests of the constituants in this community and know when to step back.

OPINION: McCampbell has many people tricked into thinking he is doing honorable work  Examples:

  1. Roy, your colleagues, friends and your family know who and what you are. All others matter not one bit, they are merely petty and jealous (and who could blame them). The only way they can be big is to stand on your shoulders. Let them spin their lies, they deceive no one but themselves.
  2. Way to go Roy, tell it as it is…..

OPINION: McCampbell has an unnatural fear of potholes, radon, landfills, and honest people.


Please educate yourself with who you are listening to before you believe everything they are saying.

So much more to come






Official Misconduct


Sometimes people in official positions go to far. Maybe the “power” goes to their head, or maybe they have been that way from the beginning. One of the more common and sometimes criminal activities is called official misconduct.

Official misconduct
n. improper and/or illegal acts by a public official which violate his/her duty to follow the law and act on behalf of the public good. Often such conduct is under the guise or “color” of official authority. (See: official)

Copyright © 1981-2005 by Gerald N. Hill and Kathleen T. Hill. All Right reserved.

Anyone who is reading this probably knows at least one person who has been accused and or convicted of official misconduct. Just living in Illinois seems to be enough, but someone accused might even live in your neighborhood. They might even continue to insert themselves into politics even though they should so clearly focus on other things. This hits very close to home here in Schiller Park Illinois, and has caused untold amounts of damage to the political, and educational systems we all rely on.

What can we do as a resident in a town that has an “accused” political personality continuing to insert himself into many aspects of all of our daily lives? We can educate ourselves for one. Teach ourselves all the different ways of being a “watchdog”. We can look for all the official ways to get information that are factual and not part of a spin campaign for some further personal benefit of any one person. We can learn to see a signature of sorts, and identify the possible situations of continued background manipulations. These types of people often have their hands in a large number of activities that often go un-noticed. At least until we learn what to look for. Once that happens the connections never stop unfolding.

Social media should not ever be 100% trusted, but it often can be used as a stepping stone to finding out what is fact or fiction. You can include my own social media posts into this category as well. I have posted often about how I do not want any of my readers to take what I say at face value. I share a lot of opinions that I have come to based off of the research I have done for myself. From my point of view most reasonable people would come to the same conclusion once given the same information, but I would still rather what I share be verified. Get your verification from unbiased sources, or if unbiased sources do not exist get the information from people who are held legally responsible for the information they share, and from people who are directly involved in what ever situation is the topic.

Getting your information from those who are legally responsible and sworn to tell the truth is sort of how this all comes together. It is probably the best source of factual information we have other then seeing it with our own eyes. The fact that we have an “official misconduct” criminal charge at all means this method isn’t always perfect, but it is possibly the best we have. Look at the legally responsible sources we have at our disposal, and look at their background. Have they been indicted of a crime, or accused by an official organization like the States Attorney? Keeping in mind that real accusations do not always have to come from an official source either. Many people official or not accuse others of all sorts of things, but is their truth to it, and what consequences do they have that would guide them to tell the truth?

I can safely say that Roy F McCampbell has been indicted for Official Misconduct and theft because I can back it up with a source that is legally responsible to tell the truth. Because of their legal responsibility I can without a reasonable doubt say this is a known fact (found here), but what does that fact do to his credibility as a source of information himself? I leave that up to you, but considering the official and legal accusation of official misconduct and theft came during his service as a public official It would be my opinion he might not be the best source of factual or truthful information.

Now let’s be very clear on something. As we all know In the United States you are innocent until proven guilty. The most important word in that statement is -proven-. Mr McCampbell has not been proven guilty at this point and we should treat the situation as such. We should also take into account the weight of an official accusation from an official source that is legally responsible to tell the truth, and again consider that this might cast a reasonable doubt on any “information” the accused would share.

On the flip side of the issue Mr McCampbell himself through his many Facebook pages and social media outlets has accused the School System of Schiller Park of many things, but not one accusation that I know of has ever been substantiated. The part that makes this all even more disturbing is that he most likely knows that the more official something looks the more credible it sounds, and more often then not unless you consider the source you may believe what he shares. I will be honest and tell you that many of the things he shares are true. Most of those are reposts from other media outlets that don’t have anything to do directly with our schools. With the exception of information involving extracurricular activities, I would verify every other piece of information that involves Schiller Park School district 81.

Just because something looks official does not mean it’s true. Consider the source and verify everything. Be an advocate for your community, don’t contribute to the “official misconduct” of some by turning a blind eye, and if you have been a part of the network of destruction it is never to late to turn around and do what’s right for everyone.

21,000 a month!


Think about that for a minute. 21,000.00 a month and you don’t even have to go to work anymore. That’s more then $5000 a week, and right around $131 an hour on an average eight hour day.

Now let’s add in that the person receiving that amount is under indictment for eight felony counts of theft and four felony counts of official misconduct, according to court records.

The grand jury indictment accuses him of stealing more than $500,000 from a west suburban village, in part by manipulating his employment contracts and deceiving the Village Board in what some say was an attempt to inflate his pension.

A 2010 Tribune investigation revealed that this person had been paid $472,255 in 2009 for holding 10 job titles — from mayoral assistant to public safety CEO — in the town of 20,000 and from cashing out a generous allowance of unused sick and vacation time. When He retired early the next year, the pay spike inflated his annual pension, then the highest of any retiree in the statewide pension system that serves municipal workers outside Chicago.

According to a past Harwood Heights trustee (linked below) he wasn’t much better there. “The village hired an economic development director at the start of Arlene Jezierny’s term in office. I thought good idea. I voted to approve the move. McCampbell received $5,000 per month. He was supposed to give a monthly report of what he was doing to earn that money. The contract between the village and him required a monthly report. How many reports did I receive/see? None. What was he doing? Google him? When Roy McCampbell was to be approved to renew his contract with the village after one year, he appeared on the front page of the Chicago Tribune as the Half Million Dollar a Year Man. He held several positions, village accountant, treasurer, attorney, etc., etc., in the Village of Bellwood and his yearly salary was $500,000 per year plus the 60,000 he was receiving from Harwood Heights as our Director of Economic Development.”

This is all very disturbing, but am I wrong to think that if an indictment covers something that may have increased someone’s pension benefits illegally it should be suspended pending the outcome of a court trial? Wouldn’t it be prudent that the state require a recalculation of actual benefits following the trial and require a return of overpaid funds? It seems only fair that the state would get back what was allegedly illigally taken from us.


All very disturbing

Facebook Post by Former Harwood Heights Trustee found here


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Topix <— Schiller Park Section. Posts by other people regarding ROYFMC <— It has been heavily edited recently to remove all of his hateful, bullying, and harassing posts. Most can still be found Cached on Google, and all can be found with a court order. Lies, and miss- information <— Also now private, and with many posts having been deleted. Most if not all stored in Google cache, and all still on internet archives. It was his main location for spreading his hate speech, and miss-information. Most of his other blogs were nothing more then attempts at adding web hits to the topics. Lies, and miss-information If you ever need bad legal advice from a lawyer with a reputation for cheating people, and working the system click the link.

A new news link about a citizen of Schiller Park

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Two Rotten Eggs!

rotten eggs

Unfortunately there is no School Board member Recalls in Illinois.

Don’t let two Rouge Board Members puppeted by Roy F McCampbell ruin all the good this District does!

Rogue school board members in the K-12 sector run roughshod over the norms and standards of behavior expected of public officials appointed or elected to office. They tend to trample on the ideas and cautions of the superintendent, and other board members. They place their own interests over the interests of the district. They violate written and unwritten codes of conduct. They often make inappropriate alliances with faculty and staff members and members of the community. They recommend and support policies that are not in the best interests of the school. They consume an inordinate amount of staff and meeting time. They know how to get attention, to appeal to the base elements in others, and to manipulate individuals and situations to their advantage.

Most rogue board members are quite bright and articulate; some are mentally unbalanced. They are sometimes loners, exiled from the herd, but they also create alliances with others to carry out their agenda. They are high maintenance. They tend to poison the culture of the school instead of helping to create a sense of community, collaboration, innovation, and common values. They become the catalyst for increased defensiveness, paranoia, subterfuge, and fear. In short, they cause enormous damage. The rogue board member is the elephant in the room, creating an ever-widening circle of frustration and destruction for anything in its path.

Does this sound like any school board member you have ever known? (David C Stachura School board President, Patricia Godziszewski School Board Vice President, and their community partner Roy F McCampbell)

Strategies That Work

The strategies that presidents of community colleges suggested for dealing with a rogue member of the board are applicable to K-12 school boards. The strategies range from the obvious, such as using sound policies and procedures (As we know this does not work with our Board), to more hardball strategies, such as using political pressure and supporting public censure (As Roy F McCampbell was Censured from the ICMA). Not all strategies work, of course; leaders must select the strategies that are appropriate for their situation and their district culture.

The strategies below are relevant for the K-12 sector. Principals, superintendents, and board members have used them, sometimes alone and sometimes in combination, to lessen the influence of or remove a rogue school board member:

  • Create a code of ethics with teeth–include a procedure for removing a board member.
  • Establish policies and guidelines for board behavior that include such items as board attendance, time limits on speaking, requests for staff reports (Patricia Godziszewski) , and so on.
  • Require a thorough orientation for all new board members.
  • Establish a board development program that includes work sessions, retreats, and conferences.
  • Bring in external consultants and accreditation teams when necessary.
  • Use the school’s legal counsel to provide an annual update on laws concerning open meetings, bid and contract procedures, conflicts of interest, and the like.
  • Create criteria for the board chair position and establish a board policy that allows for the re-election of the board chair.
  • Create an annual evaluation process for board chair performance, board member performance, and principal and superintendent performance related to the board. Examine the results in an annual retreat or special work session.
  • Establish polices and procedures for a consent agenda for much of the board’s work.
  • Work with the board chair to address the problems of the rogue board member.
  • Work with the board chair to enlist the support of the other members of the board in addressing the problems of the rogue board member.
  • Consider channeling the energies and time of the rogue board member into special projects or committees that reflect his or her interest.
  • Make sure that all transactions with the rogue board member are kept in the public eye.
  • Document all violations of the rogue board member.
  • Encourage the board chair and other board members to apply political pressure to corral the behavior of the rogue board member.
  • Cautiously support opposition candidates when the rogue is running for re-appointment or re-election.
  • Encourage the local media to attend board meetings and to examine the actions of the rogue board member. (Like the BGA or the local news?)
  • Support efforts at public censure by the other board members, the faculty, and the community.
  • Keep the board focused on the larger picture: the district’s educational mission and student learning.

Protect the School and District

Although the principal or superintendent is the most visible and easiest target for the mischief of a rogue board member, it is the school or district that is most vulnerable to lasting damage. Individuals can move on. Harassed principals and superintendents can resign and move to another school–as can administrators and faculty members and support staff leaders. Stressed board chairs and other board members can resign or decide not to run for reelection or for reappointment.

The school, however, cannot leave town. It is rooted in its community, vulnerable to the best and the worst its community has to offer. In the great majority of cases, the school is a great asset to the community, and community leaders and students point to it with considerable pride. In too many cases, however, schools have lost their spirit and their footing and have become targets of ridicule and embarrassment because of board members run amok. In those schools, rogue board members have intimidated their fellow board members as well as school administrators and faculty members, leaving the school to face a loss of confidence and reputation that can linger for many years.

The damage is often insidious, and it generates responses that are very different from other crises. In the face of natural disasters, a random evil act, or a major financial catastrophe at the school, the human spirit would be evident on many fronts. Energy and compassion would pour out in great abundance. Rallies would be held; funds would be collected; plans and projects would be implemented.

This spirit of response is reflected in some schools savaged by a rogue board member. Strong leadership, teamwork, political savvy, sunshine laws, and peer pressure have all been used to isolate and rout a rogue board member from causing further damage. But that response is not universal. Too many schools have been severely damaged by a rogue board member or by two or more rogue board members acting as a team. Too many schools are currently trying to operate with a board member as the elephant in the room. Those schools and their leaders who still persist need help.

Rally principals and superintendents, faculty and staff members, other board members, and community leaders to stand together in such situations so that schools can be protected from the devastating effects of a rogue board member.