Stop Signs and Traffic in a School Zones

As I have said in the past I tend to stay away from village level issues, unless it pertains to the School, or in this case the safety of the students in Schiller Park. At times village level issues tend to have an affect on the School, and I have always found it disturbing that people in positions of leadership would play these types of games with the education and safety of your children.

This brings us back to the flashing stop signs, and the traffic concerns in Schiller Park around our schools that seems to be getting worse yet still not being addressed.

I discussed the flashing stop signs in a post a short time ago, and the program that put them in place (Flashing Stop Signs). The short of it is that the flashing stop signs were installed as a federally funded program to add safety to the walking routes around our schools. Mayor Piltaver, and her staff worked to get this program put in place in Schiller Park for a reason that we hoped was the safety of children, with no political motivation. One of the signs was removed and replaced with a standard non-flashing version, and coincidentally that took place shortly after a petition was circulated to have them removed. A petition that oddly only gathered 25 signatures before action was taken.

Why was the stop sign removed? The original reason for the removal was that a sign at another location was not working, and the village pulled the sign from the corner of Scott and Eden to use as a replacement, and that the one at Scott and Eden would be replaced when a new one arrived. As of the Schiller Park School District 81 School Board meeting on January 18th 2017 it was reported that the lighted sign at Forster and Linn had still not been replaced with the sign removed from Scott, and Eden. As of yesterday January 26th 2017 the lighted sign at Forster and Linn was still not working, and the sign at Scott and Eden was still a standard non-flashing sign. What makes the Sign at Forster and Linn so important that a village president would feel the need to remove one sign to replace another that is not working. Then replace the removed sign with the replacement when it arrives? Why not simply leave the non-operating sign in place waiting for replacement? Or as an alternative theory maybe the sign at Scott and Eden was removed to please a complaining voter, and the story about using that as a replacement to a broken sign was simply back pedaling on a bad choice? (EDIT- I was told recently, but have not verified Yet that the village had a meeting to discuss issues with the School Signs, and traffic, and at another meeting the Mayor asked the Director of Public works to explain and back up her position to have the sign switched that he himself may not have ordered, in essence put the Director of Public works on the spot for something he did not order done. He has since resigned). If that were the case the choice to please a complaining resident took priority over a program the Mayor herself advocated for as an increase in child safety. Who is leading who in Schiller Park? The mayor or the voters?

Who is leading who in Schiller Park? The Mayor or the Voters? It’s my belief that neither are calling the shots, and let me explain why? We have an arguably thorny complainer in the Mayors ear about a stop sign that is located in front of his house, and is a blight on his life and to the community. He presents a single 25 person petition to the mayor and suddenly the sign is gone (Interesting to know that the person who circulated the stop sign petition also had a petition to stop the installation of speed signs, and he had a petition for the Mayor to run for re-election, campaign favor?). It has been reported that the remaining speed signs have been returned and will not be installed.

You also have a significant portion of the community complaining about speeding around the Schools, and busses for months if not years, and still no solution has been attempted. Yes flashing stop signs were installed, but the reports of severe speeding around all three schools continue with almost no enforcement at all. Other parents post to Social Media with complaint after complaint of difficulties with the new traffic arrangements at Kennedy School yet the village blames traffic control on the School, its procedures, and its staff. The standard passing of unloading School busses, and what has been described to me as “The Soreng Drag strip” by Lincoln Middle School have been problems for years. I have witnessed first hand the staff of all three of these schools often putting themselves at risk to try and deal with this issue, an issue that is 100% a village level issue, and not School District staff. How many children have been hit in Schiller Park? How many more have to get hit before the village president will stop pandering to campaign supporters, and listen to the voters? Because that seems to be who is actually in charge of Schiller Park, the Campaign supporters not the voters or the Mayor.

That is in fact what it looks like to me and many others. It gives the appearance that the Mayor of Schiller Park only cares what is best for the people who support her campaign. If you circulate one of her petitions you have her ear type of situation. These are very serious issues regarding the lives and safety of children at a minimum, but truly affect every person that lives in or passes through Schiller Park.

Stop governing based off of your supporters needs and start governing towards what the community needs.


Construction Permit Delay?


WARNING….. This blog post contains a rumor and opinions. A piece of information in this post was received through word of mouth and has not and can not be verified. Please read it at the risk of seeing a possible bigger picture, and forgive me for rumor mongering

My question is a simple one. Who is truly at fault? An architectural firm with decades of undeniable successes, or a potentially politically motivated village department simply following the changing beliefs of people swayed by an upcoming election cycle?

The following was taken directly from the School Districts main web page. Link found here. Items in red or italics added by me, James J Tompson

The Board Facilities Committee met on Thursday, March 24th. The committee discussed the status of the Kennedy Addition. The architects reported that we are currently waiting for a permit from the MWRD (It has been wispered in my ear, yet unconfirmed that the preverbiall ball in this instance was dropped by one John Zalud, the  Director of Community Development here in lovely Schiller Park (Info found here). The permit delay has compromised  the timeline for the project.If true Thank you Mr Zalud- As a result, an addendum has been added to Bid Package #2 to explore the possibility of moving the substantial completion date from August 15th to October 3rd. The architect recommends we consider this option only if there is a premium cost to maintaining our current timeline given the delay. Bids will be opened on March 29th at 3pm and the Board Finance Committee will meet April 4th to discuss the cost difference between the two substantial completion dates, if any. The committee also discussed the need to move the FAA Windshear Tower that is located on Kennedy School property and the progress made towards that end.

End of School quote

Sabotage from the village, or a simple mistaken interpretation of someone’s meaning? It’s a very commonly known fact that there is some people with an almost devout opposition to a project they know virtully nothing about.  Given the track record of the people in charge of this project I have a very strong opinion of who is at fault, and it is not the architectural firm or anyone involved with Schiller Park School District 81.

Maybe just another case of Blaming Schiller Park School District 81 for all of your problems? Or a politically motivated delay? You be the judge.