Five People

School board members are elected to sit in trust for their diverse communities, and in that capacity are charged with meeting the community’s expectations and aspirations for the public education of their children; and

School board members are entrusted with the guardianship and wise expenditure of scarce tax dollars, and they are responsible for maintaining and preserving the buildings, grounds, and other areas of the school district that the community has put in their trust; and

School board members are responsible for providing leadership that ensures a clear, shared vision of public education for their schools, that sets high standards for the education of all students, and requires the effective and efficient operation of their districts; and

School board members adopt public policy to give voice to that leadership and employ a superintendent to administer board policy, and are also responsible for the regular monitoring of the district’s performance and compliance with state policy; and

School board members selflessly donate countless hours to public service with no compensation; and

Employers are supportive of their employees who serve as school board members, generously lending support and time; employers give their employees the opportunity to better serve the needs of the school districts and community citizens they represent through sometimes tremendous sacrifice to the employer; and

Decisions made by school board members directly impact the quality of life in their communities, placing them at the front line of American democracy.


These five residents of Schiller Park, (let me remind everyone that they are also tax payers) have decided to accept a position granted them through the process of an election by the people of Schiller Park for the purpose of being advocates for education and defenders of our tax dollars.

They accepted these positions knowing that they will become targets to more then a few people of this and surrounding communities.

They accepted these positions knowing that they would have to make hard choices based on more information then we can ever see or even comprehend, decisions that would both defend, and improve education at the same time respect the tax payers of our town.

They stood up and swore an oath that very few others would even consider because they believed they can help their community.

But now that they are doing the job that they swore an oath to do and advancing education in Schiller Park ten times farther then in the previous two years they are repeatedly attacked.

Education stagnated in Schiller Park for two years under the leadership of David C Stachura, and Patricia Godziszewski. To their credit they were part of the few people willing to stand and take that oath, they just interpreted it very differently. They chose a different path that negatively affected education in Schiller Park, and at the same time negatively affected Schiller Park itself.

The quality of the School District in any town directly affects the image of the town itself. So does the constant and continuous attacks by those with the wrong information, and in some cases the wrong goals.

Stop for a moment and listen to the complaints. Listen to the accusations, and ask yourself if you are willing to blindly listen or take a small bit of initiative and participation in the betterment of your community and get the facts for yourself. Go to the source and find out for yourself that there is no conspiracy to deceive the community, there is just five people who took an oath working together trying to do the best they can for the community.






1. the act or an instance of affirming; state of being affirmed.
2. the assertion that something exists or is true.
3. something that is affirmed; a statement or proposition that is declared to be true.
4. confirmation or ratification of the truth or validity of a prior judgment, decision, etc.
5. Law. a solemn declaration accepted instead of a statement under oath.

I want to “Reaffirm” My stance, and position on a few people, and things. For what it is worth, and coming from an old guy who for the most part is just trying to share some truth in an ocean of lies.

For what it is worth:

During the April 7th election season I spoke at length about all the candidates. I shared the facts that I found on both sides of the fence, and shared the opinions I had based off of the facts. To this day I stand by those words. Our communities current public school board is for the most part made up of people who are truly doing what they believe is the correct thing. They are making choices they feel are in the best interests of the oath they took. To these five School Board members, and the Administration they support taking care of the communities children is of the utmost importance, and now they will be allowed to flourish when the recent past just brought deadlocked stagnation. Stagnation brought on by a school board guided by self interests, and selfishness. They also know the cost of quality education is not cheap. To me the future of this state, and country is worth the cost, but Mary Ann Desecki, Allison Downs, Richard Flanagan, Tina Ewanio, and Jeremy Hargus have shown consideration for those facts by still keeping the need for educational advancement and proper tax payer representation in their minds. Don’t let the efforts of the unchosen few hamper the good work being done by the people who actually care about your Children, and our Taxes.

Please support all the good that people are trying to do by doing your own fact checking, and take that extra step by coming to a few School Board meetings. See for yourself what is really going on.

Censure David C Stachura



Ok, well we know that is a pipe dream. Do you know what isn’t a pipe dream? 

Champions for Children of SD81 took the schools back! 

Did you see that? I used an exclamation mark at the end of a sentence, and I never do that. That’s how happy I am for all the parents, residents, and Most of all the staff and children of Schiller Park School District 81. 

Congratulations to Richard Flanagan, Jeremy Hargus, and Mary Ann Desecki on a well deserved victory. The future will be glorious. 

Patricia Godziszewski, David Stachura, and the subject of trust. 


Successful teamwork is built on a foundation of trust. Each member of the team must establish trust, cultivate trust through his or her actions and words, and work to maintain it. Each member of the team also needs to be able to trust the other members to make a commitment to the team and its goals, work competently with those goals in mind, and communicate consistently about any issues that affect the team.

There will always be disagreements, but in the end the School Board is a group of seven individuals with individual ideas coming together and speaking with one voice in support of the District and education. 

That was a quote from a post on the Facebook page Schiller Park Uncensored written by School Board candidate Jeremy Hargus. What he says gets to the basics of it all, but in my experience can not be accomplished without trust. There will always be disagreements, and when you have seven individuals who are trying to come together as a team and work together on any subject there is always going to be opposing viewpoints. Each member of that team needs to feel they trust the other members to make choices honestly, and with an open mind. 

There was another post on Facebook this morning. One not so positive in nature, and in my opinion completely miss-guiding in design. A post that was intended to miss-lead by not giving all of the details. By taking a single email out of context, sent in response to other emails that are all part of a larger issue and placing it out in the public on its own, Dave Stachura attempts to miss-guide the communities vote. In effect taking advantage of the public trust. 

The following was posted by the School District 81 School Board president David C Stachura to the ABC, and Resident Citizens Facebook pages. 

The above assembled post is obviously meant to be a political guide to push voters in one direction, but is what it contains factual? 

The Facebook post by David Stachura describes a letter from Patricia Godziszewski asking for the Boards cooperation in adhering to Board Policy. That alone is something that both Patricia Godziszesski, and David C Stachura have struggled with since they were elected to the School Board. Just at the last board meeting Mr Stachura had a very difficult time grasping why documents are redacted before release. Video found here

Mr Stachura’s post further states that Mary Ann Desecki clarifies her position as obstructionist and disrespectful. This makes it clear to me that his intentions for his post were to miss-guide the public in their voting process. I again point towards the video linked above, and the previous four meeting videos found on the School District’s web site here. In those videos you will find many examples of David C Stachura, and Patricia Godziszewski performing the very acts they have accused Board member Desecki of. They have “orchestrated and participated in hours of diatribe in and out of the Board room—at your expense.” Please do not take my word for it. Take a look at the videos and see for yourself the “obstructionist, and disrespectful” activities of Patricia Godziszewski, and David C Stachura. 

His continued comments have no fact or sources to back up the accusations. He states “she (Mary Ann Desecki) wants to be in charge, and has nothing in her credentials to show that she understands the service required and mechanisms in place for a board member to function properly and effectively in the best interests of the community”. When in fact the proof to the contrary exists in the Board of Education’s meeting videos (again found here). The truth of the situation is that despite Patricia Godziszeski’s “credentials” she lacks the proper understanding of the mechanisms needed to be a professional, and successfull School Board member. 

Please ask yourself  “is Patricia Godziszewski the person I want to direct millions of our tax dallors and make decisions affecting families and children for FOUR MORE YEARS???!!!” If you are honest with yourself, and took the time to do some small amount of research the only logical answer is no. Patricia Godziszewski is not that person, and something has to be done to turn things around. Re-electing Patrcia Godziszewski is not that something. 

In the name of honesty and factual information I also have included the original letter sent to Dr Kimberly Boryszewski sent from Board Member Mary Ann Desecki on June 5th 2014. Mr Stachura included this letter in his Facebook post this morning. 

When I read the letter above I see concern. I see an email that expresses complete frustration in a situation caused by David Stachura and Patricia Godziszewski. I see a letter showing one members distrust for another. I see a letter from a person who is struggling with the lack of remaining options, and feels that no forward progress can be made. I read emotion in a struggle to do what is best for the district. I also know the entire story, and have spent countless hours reading and researching the situation. I see the entire truth of of the situation, and with that knowledge I see the purpose for the email to the Superintendant. I only wish I could show every voting member of the School District 81 family the real truth. 

This School District’s Board members need to have trust in each other. There can not be a cohesive professional team when almost half of that team continues to break the trust given them by their fellow Board members, and the voting community.

Let’s vote trust back into School District 81, and help the Board rebuild their team!  Let’s vote for truth, and a positive supportive environment.

I will be voting Flanagan, Hargus, and Desecki on April 7th.  I can only hope you will join me. 



Pat “Pinokio” Godziszewski 


Pat “Pinokio” Godziszewski, Team 81 candidate and all around liar. 

I know in the last few weeks things in Schiller Park have gotten a bit negative, and I hate to add to it, but some things just need to be addressed. Some of the negativity is simply just the truth. 

I sat down this morning to make my post about the Champions for Children candidates. I was going to break it down just like I did the Team 81 folks, and to be as fair as I could. I was also in the name of fairness going to use the Team 81 slogan IMPACT in my comparison. Half way through the comparison I realized two things. One was that I couldn’t stay neutral in my feelings, and two there was just no comparing the two groups. 

The first post about Team 81 opened my eyes to how unbelievably little we know about 2/3 of that group. As of the final meeting before the election Alex Giangrande has attended one , and Paul Ohm has attended two School Board Meetings. How could any parent or community member ever see their way clear to vote for two candidates who have for all purposes never been involved with the district. They only know what they have been told by Patricia Godziszewski, David Stachura, and Roy F McCampbell. They just don’t have the entire picture, and couldnt possibly before April 7th. 

In preparing for, and writing the post I have now decided to abandon I went back to the Team 81 web page to refresh my memory on all the candidates in order to make a proper comparison. I never got past Pat Godziszewski’s Bio, and that Bio has now become this post. 

My husband Jim and I raised our 3 sons in Franklin Park after purchasing our home in1978. Sadly, Jim passed away suddenly in 2000, leaving the boys and me lasting memories of a wonderful husband, father, and coach. Brian currently teaches in the Northwest suburbs at a private school, Mike works for a local restaurant, and Joe has his own business.

There is many things I can say about her family. Many reports from people who know a lot about the subject, but attacking her family is not my purpose, it is honestly just not fair, and It is for the most part second hand information at that. Family is huge to me, and the success of a family says a lot about the environment surrounding the growth of that family. Family, and the raising of that family more often then not makes us who we are as adults. 

We have a long-lasting friendship with our neighbors, enjoy participating in our church community at St. Beatrice and volunteer for the American Heart Association. During the early years, Jim and I both volunteered as coaches for Thunder Soccer. I served on the St. Maria Goretti School Board and then on the Athletic Board at St. Beatrice School after we changed parishes.

Community and someone’s involvement in it also says a lot about the person. I commend Pareicia Godziszewski on her involvement. Patricia Godziszewski is in fact so involved with her community that she recently thought an event that has been going in the community for 13 years was put on by a group that has only been in existence for a little over a year. Im sure St Beatrice School, and St Maria Goretti have benefited greatly from her community service. I however have not been able to find anyone that can verify her participation in events but in her defense i did not contact every member of both parishes. 

Education: DePaul University (B.S.-Biology), Northeastern Illinois University (Teaching Credentials), Illinois Resource Center (ESL Endorsement), National Louis University (M.Ed.-Curriculum & Instruction), Chicago State University (Driver’s Education Endorsement), continuing professional development as prescribed by the Illinois State Board of Education.  

Work Experience: Prior to entering the teaching profession, I was a Medical Technologist with a specialization in Biochemistry. I worked in several hospitals and labs in New York and Chicago. I have more than 20 years of teaching experience at Leyden High School District 212 where my main assignments are to teach Physical Science and Medical Careers. School Board Experience: I am honored to have served on the SD81 School Board since my election four years ago. There is much to learn about the role of a Board Member and I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in many workshops, seminars, and classes to enhance my understanding and my skill. Within the first two years I had achieved the credentials of Master Board Member and encouraged others on the Board—most with much more seniority than I—to take advantage of these educational experiences. In 2013 I was elected by the Board to serve as Vice-President. In addition to representing the Board at the IASB/ IASA/ IASBO Convention as the voting delegate, I also participate in the Policy Review Committee and Facilities Committee.

As I have said before Patricia Godziszewski’s BIO is lenghty, and to the outside reader it may be very impressive. It gives the image of an incredibly capable person with an education that would help her be an outstanding and effective board member. From the outside anyone who reads her BIO would think she is a shure thing for a Board member position. An outside reader would think that she lives and breaths education and will look out for the best interests of our schools as a whole. It would give a reader the impression she will work diligently to keep up with the times, and modern day needs of our schools. Sadly that is simply not true. None of what she has listed has to this date been of any use to her, and her position on the School Board of School District 81. 

Taxpayers: to encourage and support cost-cutting measures without negatively impacting the educational experience for students 

I want to know how Patricia Godziszewski intends to perform “cost-cutting measures” and not impact the educational experience of students? This is in my experience simply not possible, and it is my belief, one of the key lies that got her elected four years ago. We as a community have to admit that there is a rather large portion of this community that does not care about the education of the Districts children. They simply do not want to have their taxes raised, and Patricia Godziszewski, and David C Stachura have made that promise in the past. They could not lower taxes last time, and will not be able to do it this time. The fact of the situation is that she can not lower taxes, and for sure not without effecting the education of the children of this School District. 

Parents: to ensure that ALL children are offered the best educational opportunities available through the District.

I have not heard her address this subject even once during four years of Board meetings. What has Patricia Godziszewski done in the last four years to make the voters believe she is capable of this claim? 

Students: to support educational and extracurricular experiences that prepare you for the next level and beyond.

A political bullet point with no meat behind it. How can she back this up while making the previous statement of supporting cost cutting messures. 

Staff: to provide a great working environment that enables you to share your teaching talents with students and to encourage professional growth.

Through the support of one community member Patricia Godziszewski and crew have done more to damage the great working environment of School District 81 more then any other person with the exception of the community member they support. The one family out of more then a thousand they have actually spoken for. And as far as I can tell the only campaign Mr Indictment supports.    

Board: to foster a compatible and goal-oriented relationship with the Administration; to adhere to the rules spelled out in Board Policies and the tenets of best practice; to provide transparency to the community; to provide a real mentorship to new Board Members; to resolve differences in a respectful and professional manner.

In my opinion this has to be a joke. At a minimum written with the intent of showing herself in a positive light to people who don’t know what is truly going on. I believe that is how Patricia Godziszewski, and David C Stachura have gotten elected in the past. They prey on the unknowing, and they use fear of tax increases and make up stories to scare the people who do not attend meetings, or have no access to the Internet to see the truth for themselves. 

Final Statement:  
In my view, the District is operating at an above-average academic level due to the hard work of the staff, parents, and students. Published evidence of achievement at each grade level and in high school supports this view. However, there is also a highly-charged, political atmosphere that has blocked progress on the part of the Board and therefore has weakened its efforts to provide an even better experience for families of the District and the community at large.

In her view? How many views does she have. Let’s go back the letter she signed her name to that spoke of substandard practices. 

All progress that has been blocked has been at the hand of Patricia Godziszewski, and David C Stachura. They have hand in hand halted the advancement of education in Schiller Park School District 81. 

If you have a neighbor who you know is not on the Internet, or doesn’t have access to School Board meetings please stop and knock on their door. Ask them what they know about the School Board Explain to them what is REALLY going on. Show them the truth, and share the facts. Show them the legal fees of the district at the hands of Patricia Godziszewski. Tell them about the Champions for Children, and how those three candidates will be all that they say and live up to their claims. 

Rich Flanagan, Jeremy Hargus, and Mary Ann Desecki have Integrity, and are Motivated Professionals who believe in Accountability, and have a Commitment to Teamwork. They have proven it time and time again. 

The Champions for Children are the true candidates that will IMPACT Schiller Park School District 81.

Champions for Children of SD81 & Team81

As all of you know I am very interested in the School Board Elections in Schiller Park, and how the results of the April 7th election will affect Schiller Park, it’s kids, and their future. I am continuously searching the Internet for answers to questions, and more information I can share. There isn’t much as far as official pages go, and as far as I can tell only one of the groups running has a presence on facebook or the Internet. 

Champions for Children of SD81 

So far Team81 has nothing posted. Their close Friend Roy F McCampbell shared a fundraiser flyer of theirs for a short time a few weeks ago, but then promptly removed it. Nothing as far as a portal for concerned citizens. 

The Champions for Children of SD81 group recently posted a short writeup about the Dr Seuss event a few of them were a part of.

I’m sure I can speak for all three of us on this one. 
Dr  Seuss night was so much fun! So many smiling faces and happy kids I couldn’t get enough of it. A very well put together event as usual. 
Mary Ann Desecki, Richard Flanagan, and Allison Downs Read to the kids as usual. ( I would like to add that they always do, not just on an election year) Tina Ewanio was also there all night with her family. It was a fun and happy evening for everyone! 
Thank you everyone involved for such a fantastic event!

As I was reading it I noticed there was no mention of David Stachura, Patricia Godziszewski, or John Kowalski. There was also no mention of Candidates Paul Ohm, or Alex Giangande (Correction – Alex brought his Children). So I clicked on the link and looked at the pictures. Nope not a one of them. I saw all parties mentioned in their post, but only Alex from Team81. 

 I more then most realize that some times schedules conflict, and events can not always be attended. I also will gladly point out that three members of the School Board consistantly are unable to attend District events, and Paul Ohm being the only one of Patricia Godziszewski’s running mates who has made an attempt, but two meetings isn’t enough in my opinion.  Alex Giangrande has to this date never attended a School Board meeting, and by all reports does not attend school events in general. 

No one is perfect, but some people excell at being flawed, or unable to follow through with their promises or responsibilities. The “Imperfect bunch” known as Parricia Godziszewski, David Stachura, and John Kowalski. 

I am not affiliated with Champions for Children of SD81, and I do not know them personally. I do feel that the way this is shaping up they are the types of people you as parents, and we as grandparents would want to help guide this communities children and their education. 

April 7th 2015 is when we all get the chance to put our opinions to paper. Please make those opinions based off of the actual facts of the situation. Do your own unbiased research, and know the truth of the situation. 

Roll Call

David Stachura – Absent

David C Stachura’s absences have increased dramatically since the release of the letter written by him and Patricia Gidziszewski. The two authors continue to play a back and forth game of one not attending board meetings, and the other refusing to answer the questions asked.  At a recent meeting they attended together, David Stachura said he will not answer questions until they are asked in writing. To the best of my knowledge they have been asked in writing, and still have yet to be answered. The Board Attorney has suggested that they both answer the questions. The subject and intent of the letter is clear, and their attempts to avoid answers is waistfull and disrespectful to their fellow board members, and the community. 

Patricia Goziszewski – Present 

Patricia Godziszewski was in attendance, and presented herself with the typical condescending attitude that we have come to expect. She showed complete contempt for the community, and continued to avoid answering any questions. A few short months before an election and she continues to ignore the people and her duties as a board member. Patricia was also caught in a lie to the board and the attendees when she stated she never received a reply from the boards attorney. She stated it a few times while the attorney was not in the room and when she brought it up again after the attorney returned she was promptly corrected. 

John Kowalski – Present 

Uncharacteristiclly talkative, and rude. Mr John Kowalski typically does not speak at board meetings, and has been often seen looking to Patricia  Godziszewski for his answer to votes.

Alison Downs – Present

Alison Downs like Mr Flanagan, Tina Ewanio, and Mary Ann Desecki presented herself in a manner one would expect of an elected Board member, and she had some questions about district issued technology. That was the question Mr Kowalski seemed upset by, and Patricia Godziszewski replied with “I don’t like using the IPad for meetings, I like paper” and “I probably don’t have the skills to use it as well as you guys do, I’m developing them”. She also shushed a very upset community member, that couldn’t take the ignorance any longer. Patricia gave the upset community member the attitude one would expect of a disgruntled teenager.

Tina Ewanio – Present

Diligently performing her duties as the board secretary. I can imagine with these sort of vocal exchanges it can’t be an easy task. 

Mary Ann Desecki – present

Mary Ann Desecki continued to press for answers to her questions regarding the letter. She expressed her understanding of the communities frustrations, and with the disrespect shown everyone by Dave Stachura, and Parricia Godziszewski. 

Richard Flanagan – Present

Along with Mary Ann Desecki, Mr Richard Flanagan added his thoughts on the issue of the letter, and additional  acknowledgment of his and the communities frustration. 

Non-member candidates

Jeremy Hargus – Present

Jeremy Hargus was present as usual for this board meeting and appeared visibly disgusted with the comments being made by The Board Vice President Patricia Godziszewski. Mr Hargus has attended every meeting for over a year now, and seems involved and invested. In my further inquires into Mr Hargus and his involvement with the district I have heard nothing but positive things. Along with his volunteering with the ABC parent group, Jeremy Hargus seems to have a solid understanding of what is important. I am looking forward to the community forum and a chance to get to know him. 

Paul Ohm – Present for a short time

Paul Ohm attended his first School board meeting as a candidate (two and a half months before election) but had to leave before executive session began. Mr Ohm was taking notes and observing. We will also have a chance to get to know Mr Ohm and the other candidates a little better at the February 5th community forum. 

Alex Giangrande – Absent

I can not say much about Mr Alex Giangrande. Not only can I not say much, it seems that no one else can either. I’m sure someone in town knows Mr Giangrande, but no one involved with the school had anything to add. He has reportedly never attended a school board meeting, and does not attended school events. Maybe he is busy at work? What is his background? What are his opinions and views on what’s going on in the district? How does he feel about his running mates behavior at the meetings? Does he have larger political goals? 

Mr Giangrande is an enigma, Paul Ohm is unaware, and Patricia Godziszewski is disrespectful and rude to her fellow board members, and the people that voted her into office. These are not the people that should play an active part in the education of your children. 

I want what is best for my grandkids and their education. You should want what’s best for yours and the 1300+ other children in School Dostrict 81, Patricia, Paul, and Alex are not what’s best. 

Who are you going to vote for on April 7th? 

Board meeting highlights as presented by the schools district.

Two versions of the last meeting. 

Shortened January 28th 2015 School Board meeting. 

Full length January 28th 2015 School Board Meeting.