Justice For Bellwood?

Justice for Bellwood, or the taxpayers of Illinois?

A 2010 Tribune investigation revealed that McCampbell had been paid $472,255 in 2009 for holding 10 job titles. Roy McCampbell said in a Tribune investigative story that he earned every penny of his $472,000 salary. When McCampbell retired early the next year, the pay spike inflated his annual pension to about a quarter of a million dollars. At the time the highest of any retiree in the statewide pension system that serves municipal workers outside Chicago.

Then In December of 2011 officials with Bellwood sued the former comptroller Roy McCampbell, they alleged he destroyed the village’s financial credit, and left the suburb with more then a million in debt. The lawsuit accused McCampbell of fraud and legal malpractice and that he breached his fiduciary responsibility to the village.

According to the suit, McCampbell drew up increasingly lucrative contracts for himself, and signed tax-increment finance deals that have left the village in financial distress. McCampbell was under increased scrutiny following the Tribune investigation that showed he was paid the $472,255, and In August of 2012 the Cook County states attorney’s office indicted McCampbell with five felony counts of theft. (https://archive.org/stream/412815-details-of-indictment-of-former-bellwood/412815-details-of-indictment-of-former-bellwood_djvu.txt)

Fast forward now to November 30th 2016 and we finally have a result of the endless process that is our legal system, and those who know how to work it.

Roy F McCampbell, pleaded guilty on November 30th 2016 to misdemeanor theft before Cook County Judge Timothy James Joyce. He was given two years probation and was ordered to pay $100,000 in restitution. 

Thats it, no jail time what so ever.  I guess I should not dismiss the results as simply nothing. He is now a convicted thief, and the McCampbellites can no longer argue that he is innocent until proven guilty. They spent years defending a thief, and that will never change. He is a thief who is in my opinion also an expert at manipulating “the system” to his benefit alone. When I say “the system” I mean every system that he has comes in contact with.

Is this justice for Bellwood or any of the other communities he has targeted? Is this justice for the tax payers of Illinois? I will have to let you be the judge of that, and answer the question yourselves.

More to come



To What End?

Let me start out with a bit of a statement. I believe the picture I am going to be sharing with you today is a fake, and a relatively good one at that. I believe it to be a fake sent to me anonymously for some unknown purposes. I wasn’t even going to share it at first but it really got me thinking as to why someone would send it in the first place.

The email was sent using a disposable email account that is apparently deleted after 24 hours of its creation. I have never revealed any emails sent to me good or bad in the past so why a disposable email now? The Email also made reference to one of the people in the screen shot being hacked by the company he hired to fill his Facebook pages with fake likes. I have spoken about that before but why would the people from any of those companies think this would be valid information to me, if that is in fact who the sender is. The rest of the red flags came from the information itself. How would some random “hacker” from a company I have never done business with know that this particular screen shot would interest me or any of my readers. What it says is so vague and nondescript with two many blanks to fill in. Things just do not add up, and most importantly it can not be verified. I will not share information like this screenshot and present it as fact without proof of its authenticity, and none exists.

You may ask then why would I share it at all? Well I believe simply because it shows a small example of the desperation of some people. Maybe to get me to share false or faked information as truth?

We all know that one of the more politically active residents of the Schiller Park community made an unsuccessful attempt to file suit against me because, and I quote this article

“These posts al involve critique of the petitioner’s public political work on various boards and positions in the town of Schiller Park,” the judge wrote. “The posts are expressions of opinion protected by the First Amendment.”

The judge described the blog posts as “broad and conclusory,” saying they “certainly can be viewed as hyperbolic, dramatic and in some cases, satirical.”

“Looking at the blog posts in context, it is clear that the writer is expressing beliefs and opinions, as opposed to facts,” Flanagan said. “Thus, the posts here are protected opinion and not defamatory.”

Since the content of the blog is not “actionable” as defamation claims, the judge said allowing DelGiudice to amend her petition would be “pointless.”

but if I shared this picture like it was the treasure  map to all that we have fought for would they swoop in and attack again? Was it just a simple attempt at discrediting me? They have done it before with a fake blog named after me.

Never the less here is the in my opinion fake screen shot I received last week .


Looks like some very tempting bait does it not? The answer to a fight many of us have been fighting for years? Or at least if not an answer one very large bucket of fuel to toss on the fire?

Would I love for this to be undeniable, and conclusivly proving some sort of conspiracy? Absolutely, but it is not. Simply another attempt by those hell bent on destruction to misguide a different person.

Let us also not forget that the most compelling lies are often conceived from truth. Scary the lengths people will go to deceive.


How Sad

How sad, and for what purpose? Those are the two initial thoughts when I first noticed who the friends are on this pages friends list. 2476 friends on a page alleging to share information about Schiller Park taxes made me scratch my head more then a little.


After my initial head scratch moment I clicked on the list, and it showed who the likes were from.


At the time of this screen grab I was still able to see the list of likes but I had only grabbed one shot. I did however start liking as many of the friends as I could. I have since deleted them, but I was hoping to contact a few to see how they found the page (None answered). There was at that moment about 900 people from India, and only a about three from the USA including myself, and Mary Jane Goldthwaite. I also did not realize that there was companies out there that you could pay to increase your page likes like social king of india.

In the end 14 of the people on the page accepted my friend request, and my friends list has grown to 18 people from India.

Then there is some of the likes on the posts that were very much the same situation.

I was completely taken and a little saddened by the thought of paying for likes on a page, but I moved on to other things. Like countering every one of that pages posts. Then I happened to stop back at the following page because some times it has interesting articles to read. It is widely known that the page I will share with you is a Roy F McCampbell page, and that is fine. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Then I noticed the page like count.


2894 people like this page. Well Ill be dipped in shit that is one hell of a coincidence isn’t it? Huge spike in recent likes in the last two weeks or so for both pages, and mutual friends on both pages, all from India.I would guess from the same pay for likes type company.


The pages post likes have not started to grow yet, but I bet it’s coming. This is really the only one.


This is for me a direct link to Roy F McCampbell being involved with the garbage fantasy page “Stop Excessive taxation Blabber blabber crap garbage”, but for what reason? and this is by no means a surprise to anyone.

I hate to say it but Mr Roy F McCampbell wasted his money on this endeavor for sure, and here is why:

  1. These likes have no ongoing value. The people who get paid to like your page are never going to be interested in your page. The fake accounts they use to like your account? Even less chance.
  2. Facebook looks at the fan to engagement ratio when evaluating your page. In short, imagine ABC Corp’s page has 500 fans and an average of 5 comments/update from fans. Meanwhile XYZ Co. has 1,000 fans, but it also has 5 comments for each update it posts. In this case, ABC looks like a more valuable, engaging page.
  3. Facebook is smarter than you. You don’t think it knows that people are paying for likes? I’m sure it’s got algorithms up the wazoo to look for suspicious liking. A sudden surge in likes, a lot of direct traffic to the page (as opposed to people clicking around Facebook and ending up on your page), and the same random group of people who like a hair salon in Topeka one moment and a pet store in Portland, Maine, the next. I wouldn’t be surprised if certain accounts have been tagged as “unlikes” because their liking is so spammy.
  4. It’s different than ad buys to direct people to your page. In the end, an ad can only entice people to visit your page, not to like it. You’re paying for the opportunity to grab their attention, not get a like.

Good try Mr McCampbell, but it wont work. Thanks for teaching me something new again though.



Lack of commitment


Yesterday I asked the audience members of the evenings Schiller Park School District 81 School Board Meeting to pay attention to a few things. Attitudes of a small few members (David, and John) to the others, new faces in the audience (Irene and her troops), the town harasser  (Roy) and his mini-meetings with Patricia Godziszewski. It’s hard to do any of that though when the individuals in question are not present. This is in fact not a bad thing, but it speaks to the larger issue.

Since I can not attend every meeting I normally have to wait on videos, and meeting minutes for information, but last night was not the norm. I received enough descriptions of the evenings events to form an accurate image for the purpose of a blog post.

Some of the main conspirators were in fact absent at last nights School Board Meeting. Almost the entire cast of characters. From the destructive, to the antagonistic. Only the Indicted ex government official living off the tax payer buck attended. No doubt to gather information for his libelous blog.

John Kowalski = Absent

David Stachura = Absent

Patricia Godziszewski = Absent (Maybe she is moving on to new chapters in her life?)

Roy F McCampbell = Present

Even the magnanimous Irene Del Guidice and her rumored posse were reportedly absent from sight.

When people are committed to a cause they drive forward through thick and thin to work towards their final goal no matter the resistance. Their end goal like David and Patricia’s is not always an honest or positive one, but they still fight on. That is a simple description of people who are committed to a goal. A description that does not describe the above individuals, or maybe the combined absences was all part of the plan sending McCampbell only to keep an eye on everyone. If so David Stachura, and John Kowalski decided to make another political statement in defense of their personal agendas, and disregarding the tenants of their oath to the community and its children.

Dave Stachura, John Kowalski, Patricia Godziszewski are not committed People whether their absences last night was planned or not. They are not committed to anything from what we can tell, and they are continuously stepping out on their oath in the name of personal comfort. So many times in the last few years they have chosen to simply not show up when they might be on the hook for some answers or could be put in a compromising position that they may not have been able to properly prepare for. The letter written by David, and Patricia is one good example, with back and forth abscesses from the two for months following the letters release. Another example would be David Stachura walking out of the last regular meeting because he was being asked questions.

On July 17th and 18th the School Board held an annual retreat. Topics included the following

  1. Financial Projections
  2. Review/Refine SD81 Goals, Board Practices, and Communications
  3. Management Resources Services/Team Building

Sounds a little important right? Guess who was reported to not be in attendance either day? You guessed it David C Stachura, and John Kowalski. I have not submitted the F.O.I.A. to verify this yet, but when I do I am confident it will prove to be true. 

How Committed to the children of Schiller Park is David Stachura, and John Kowalski? If you look at their record of attendance, and actions at board meetings the answer presents itself as a resounding not at all. If you add Patricia Godziszewski’s history with School District 81 you would find a trio of the most uncommitted individuals ever to grace the District. A School District of over 1300 children that are nothing more then a game of political chess to these individuals.



Respect = Something that David Stachura, Patricia Godziszewski, Roy F McCampbell, and Irene Del Guidice refuse to show you.

At tonight’s Schiller Park School District 81 School Board meeting I am asking everyone in attendance to watch the body language of David Stachura, and John Kowalski. Observe their interactions with the community, and fellow board members. Listen closely to their questions (if they have any), and observe their reactions, and interactions with their fellow School Board members.

If you are sitting in the audience look behind you from time to time, and observe the activities of Roy F McCampbell, and Patricia Godziszewski (probably sitting with each other as they did last meeting). Maybe stop and ask them what they could be talking about so intently, and maybe do what he does every meeting and snap a few photos of them. If they complain let them know it’s for public safety.

Take a look for new faces in the audience and introduce yourself. Show new attendees that those in the audience are honest caring people not “Jihadists”. Show them that you are all people who care about what’s going on with your schools. Explain that you care about the truth, and that stopping the destruction of this fine District, and consequently Schiller Park is a top priority.

Let the authors (most of them will likely be in attendance this evening) know what you think of their new blog. Tell David Stachura, and Roy McCampbell how disgusting what hey are doing is. Let them know that you know who they are, and you have had it with their lies, and deceit.

Let the new members of the audience know that you will not allow your School Board meetings to be a political show for David Stachura, Patricia Godziszewski, Roy F McCampbell, and very possibly Irene Del Guidice. Show the town your respect and passion for the system that is put in place to protect your children, and your tax contribution from the above listed interlopers. Explain he TRUTH to them even if for the 100th time.

David Stachura, Patricia Godziszewski, Roy F McCampbell, and their followers need to be shown that you will not go away, and you will not relinquish the safety of your children’s future to their one sided motivations. They need to be told, but with some of what they refuse to show everyone else, respect.

Defend your rights, but don’t give them an ounce of ammunition.

Continuing the search


We ain’t found #%^*

Day two of my efforts to find examples of excellence in Patricia Godziszewski’s 21 year career as an educator.

During my second day trying I combed the Internet for the previously mentioned examples. In an attempt to increase the odds of finding something I used 13 search engines. Some are foreign language, some are multilingual, and some strictly English. I wanted to be complete in my efforts.
– Baidu Chinese, Japanese …… Nothing found.
– Bing, Multilingual …… Nothing found.
– DuckDuckGo, Multilingual …… Nothing found.
– Exalead, Multilingual …… Nothing found.
– Gigablast, English …… Nothing found.
– Google, Multilingual …… Nothing found.
– Munax, Multilingual …… Nothing found.
– Qwant, Multilingual …… Nothing found.
– Sogou, Chinese …… Nothing found.
– Soso.com, Chinese …… Nothing found.
– Yahoo! Multilingual …… Nothing found.
– Yandex, Multilingual …… Nothing found.
– Youdao, Chinese …… Nothing found.

In Patricia Godziszewski’s 21 year career as an educator I have come up with nothing, zero, zilch, zip, nil, nought, nada. Not one example of a quality educator. I have however heard many complaints, and listened to many stories that to me are just scary. I encourage everyone to ask around. It won’t take long to hear what I have.

Stop letting Parricia Gidziszewski, David Stachura, and Roy McCampbell continue to pretend they know what’s best for this School District, and it’s children. Stop letting their vile influence continue to affect the future of your children. Let them know that their continued efforts to undermine the system will no longer be tolerated!

I will give one more try to find something. More to come on the subject, and again please share anything you as a reader might know.