I find it funny

I find it funny that shortly after an individual files a petition of discovery against my Facebook, Email, and WordPress that the imposter James Tompson’s Blog completely disappears. Deleted by its creator.

Shot 201518

Don’t get me wrong I am glad it is gone, but in the end did their attempt at ruining my reputation succeed? I can’t answer that, but in my opinion it didn’t. I know I have seen more blog traffic then normal since its creation, but what I will say for a fact is that it was disgusting what that blog posted, lies designed to destroy reputations can not be hidden by a “?”. As I have said over and over I have tried desperately to be as truthful as possible, and prove my thoughts when I could. I have never posted in anger, or with the intention of hurting anyone. I only ever wanted to share information, and maybe open some peoples minds to what is possibly going on around them. The fake JT blog did nothing but damage its creators ability to sleep at night, and drive people towards truth.

The petition that was filed against me is called a rule 224. It is a petition used to discover an anonymous person that may be responsible for damages to another person before actually proceeding with a separate lawsuit. I do not believe I fit what a rule 224 was designed to do, but that is for the judicial system to figure out. What I do believe is that The fake JT blog, the schillerparkblog, and a few others i will leave unnamed do happen to fit the description of what a rule 224 petition would be used for. That is some food for thought for all of you that have been attacked by any of those web blogs.

What exactly is a rule 224 petition? answer found here

Once something is posted on the internet it remains on the internet. Most companies store their information for a very long time, and just because someone deletes a blog doesn’t mean it is still not discoverable.





1. the act or an instance of affirming; state of being affirmed.
2. the assertion that something exists or is true.
3. something that is affirmed; a statement or proposition that is declared to be true.
4. confirmation or ratification of the truth or validity of a prior judgment, decision, etc.
5. Law. a solemn declaration accepted instead of a statement under oath.

I want to “Reaffirm” My stance, and position on a few people, and things. For what it is worth, and coming from an old guy who for the most part is just trying to share some truth in an ocean of lies.

For what it is worth:

During the April 7th election season I spoke at length about all the candidates. I shared the facts that I found on both sides of the fence, and shared the opinions I had based off of the facts. To this day I stand by those words. Our communities current public school board is for the most part made up of people who are truly doing what they believe is the correct thing. They are making choices they feel are in the best interests of the oath they took. To these five School Board members, and the Administration they support taking care of the communities children is of the utmost importance, and now they will be allowed to flourish when the recent past just brought deadlocked stagnation. Stagnation brought on by a school board guided by self interests, and selfishness. They also know the cost of quality education is not cheap. To me the future of this state, and country is worth the cost, but Mary Ann Desecki, Allison Downs, Richard Flanagan, Tina Ewanio, and Jeremy Hargus have shown consideration for those facts by still keeping the need for educational advancement and proper tax payer representation in their minds. Don’t let the efforts of the unchosen few hamper the good work being done by the people who actually care about your Children, and our Taxes.

Please support all the good that people are trying to do by doing your own fact checking, and take that extra step by coming to a few School Board meetings. See for yourself what is really going on.

Censure David C Stachura



The problem is they are not imitating me, they are trying to imitate my tactics. If they were imitating me they would be telling truth and not miss-informed questions that intend to sway those who do not know any better.

Now according to the Internet there is two of me, but it seems to be my evil lying half, the one imitating me  seems to have made a blog. I have no control over it, and that’s ok. The blatantly stupid concepts they are trying to implant in the people’s brains are just so off base, but even with that there is one way to find out who the evil one spreading lies and miss-information is, and who the pervayor of truth is.

If you question everything, the truth, and it’s tellers will make themselves known.

The abuse of Irene

Because one individual can share things she knows nothing about, but can’t take or handle the truth we should all treat her with kindness? Well I personally treat those with kindness that have treated me or mine equally. I give respect where respect is do, and it is not due this person simply based off of how I see her treat others, but with that I respect her past, and contributions to the community. The contributions of the past however do not validate the actions of the present. I also discount every word that is spoken currently as only the repeated ramblings of her friends, and not the thoughts of her own mind.

I do also feel sorry for the lady who I do have a modicum of respect for, but she is nothing more then a political pawn of those who call themselves her friends. They are taking advantage of her past achievements to strentghen their own image for the purpose of destroying others.

Shame on you for abusing an elderly woman in this manner, and for taking advantage of her in this way! I only wish she saw the truth. They feel what is being said about her is a horrible injustice, but how about what her friends do and say about others? What does she think of that, or does she even know?

Lies, miss-information, and Truths.


Politicking abounds

Lies, miss-information, and Truths all in one article written by the same person. Ex-school board member Patricia Godziszewski sent a letter to the editor of Schiller Parks People and places.

Found here starting on Page 3

I honestly encourage everyone to read it in its entirety.

She writes the letter to “inform the public of her dismay”. She is “shocked and saddened” at what she has seen at the May and June Board meetings by “certain board members”, (So is a large portion of the community, but not about the same part if i hazard a guess) “members of the audiance”, and various employees of the district. She goes on to state that she has two friends remaining on the board, David Stachura, and John Kowalski who ran at her request. She states that David, John, and her have strived to put the best interests of the students, employees, and community at the forefront of their thinking, and decision making. They through their actions proved the exact opposite in the last two years.

This next part is the highlight, and is nothing more then a description of her feelings towards the people she described above as being in the forefront of her thinking and decision making process.

“Nasty, and Disrespectfull coalition of individuals who continue to badger, harass, disrespect, attempt to intimidate -in short, Bully- “.

That sums it all up really in one sentence. This is how Patricia Godziszewski, and David C Stachura have treated the students, employees, and community from the moment they took their respective seats on the board. They cost the district incredible amounts in excess tax dollars spent, stagnated educational growth, and equally important the loss of valuable employees. The resignation rate has been reported to be the highest the district ever experienced during her tenure on the Schiller Park School District’s Board.

She goes on by inviting everyone to go to the School Districts web page and view the videos posted of the School Board meetings. On this point I agree with her, and I will provide the links again as usual.

Links to videos are found here.

Here letter does go on to describe some actual truths, but as usual mixed in with falsities for the sole purpose of making the inaccurate points of the letter appear to be more truthful to the unknowing reader. She describes some community members as “people who have insinuated themselves into the fabric of the district as parent volunteers” apparently attempting at diminishing the good work every community member volunteers.

She goes on to make some more of what i believe to be simple sore looser personal attacks, and very inappropriate comments such as “It is said that adults who bully others are insecure and were probably bullied themselves as children” and describing them as “sad and pitiful”. Talks about how they have not been able to move past that chapter in their lives, and have not learned to “cope in a positive manner in society”. She called the actions of a concerned group of community members a “Jihadist Crusade” I can think of more then a few people that have already taken direct offense to that particular comment. Classy to the end Patricia.

She closed with a statement about this being an example of the bullies of the community winning, and that the tax payers of Franklin and Schiller Park deserve a higher level of respectful behavior from their elected officials. As far as the first part of her closing paragraph she is completely incorrect. April 7th was a huge victory for the bullied. One of the bullies was elected out of office, and the other has now been relegated to a warm body taking up a chair. The same can be said for her other friend John Kowalski who for the most part has only shown his distaste for new lunch tables. The community does deserve more respect from its elected officials, and this is a point i have been trying to get through for a very long time. Patricia, and David being some of the subjects of my attempts to explain this fact.

The problem here is that Patricia Godziszewski is posting this letter in the People and Places news paper because it reaches out to a portion of this community that does not see the internet, or attend the meetings, and therefor does not know the truth of the situation. This portion of the community is only being told half of the story, and are again being used to secure votes for upcoming elections. She accused members of the community, and the School Board of doing exactly what she is doing by writing this letter in the first place. David Stachura takes it one step further, and continues his political agenda while sitting at the Board Table. A most recent example being his vote against changing the wording in a portion of a budget item that he agreed to pay in the first place just to be difficult, and to make a political statement at the expense of the people they claim (and swore) to protect. As one of the Board members stated at the last meeting he is doing nothing more then political grandstanding with the remaining members of the board left in awe, and frustration.

The truth is however very contradictory to what Patricia Godziszewski and her little “Nasty, and Disrespectfull coalition of individuals who continue to badger, harass, disrespect, attempt to intimidate -in short, Bully- ” have told the portion of the community that they still rely on to get voted into office. The same people they directly lied to during the actual campaign before the April 7th election. David C Stachura, Patricia Godziszewski, and John Kowalski do not practice what they preach. In fact they do the exact opposite.

As usual I encouraging everyone to go to the district web site and watch the youtube videos, I want to also add my encouragement to send your own letter to the editor of people and places. Explain to the uninformed what is really going on. Share your views of the injustices done to the “Students, employees, and community members” of Schiller Park by David Stachura, Patricia Godziszewski, and John Kowalski.

Something really special is growing in Schiller Park


I can’t explain to you what’s going on as well as the speaker you will hear in the video I linked below, but it’s a cause worth getting behind. Please take a minute to listen to Kara Blomquist’s presentation at the 11:08 mark of the video found here.

You can find the Facbook page of the group here

Their first community meeting will be at Lincoln Middle School on July 1st at 7pm. This will be a meeting to plan how the community, can raise awareness for Childhood Cancer. The meeting is open to everyone and is family friendly, so bring the kids.

One monkey down


Before I get back to the monthly shenanigans of Mr David Stachura, and his speechless pal Mr Kowalski I want to take a few minutes to talk about Schiller Park School District 81, and how I will be spending more time next year acknowledging all of the amazing things that go on as a result of the hard work and dedication of the teachers, staff, administrators, and volunteers of the School District.

The last few months have seen so much of my time spent on the bad things that were happening through the efforts of David Stachura, Patricia Godziszewski, Jonathan Kowalski, and Seahorse that I lost sight of how amazing all of the staff, and volunteers truly are.  I had failed to acknowledge how amazing this School District truly is, but as long as David Stachura, and his sole remaining colleague in the fight for evil remain on the board there will always be sad stories to tell. As the late great George Carlin once said “Just ’cause you got the monkey off your back doesn’t mean the circus has left town”. Being a child of the sixties I know full well he means a very different monkey, but it also applies to the situation that was, and to an extent still exists in School District 81.

Many great things happen at Schiller Park’s Schools on a daily basis. Administration and staff are continuously being recognized for exemplary service. Students are regularly being recognized for their service to the community, and to their fellow students. Parent organized groups being recognized for their efforts. There has been multiple amazing performances put on by the school’s band, and chorus. Don’t forget the outstanding performances by the cast and crew of Lincoln Middle School’s “Into the woods”. I honestly don’t have the finger stamina to recount all of the examples of excellence from this past year, but as usual I ask you not to take my word for it, and take some time next year to attend any of the wonderful events put on at any of the three schools. I promise you will not be disappointed.

I will also never stop watching the actions of the people who are hurting the education of the children of this district, but the many wonderful accomplishments have to be shared, and shared loudly.


David C Stachura, and John Kowalski to the best of my knowledge attended zero of the events after the completion of the April 7th election. None of the graduations or concerts………I repeat… They couldn’t even find the time to attend one single graduation of any of the children they swore to support.