The Rumors


The rumor beast rears its ugly head, In honor of some of the more recent ones, I would like to share a few very valuable posts from this blogs past.

Man runs for school board while faceing eight felony counts of theft and four felony counts of official misconduct?

McCampbell Getting 21,000 a month pension

In the news again

Do they have no shame?

Let us not forget this gem – Directive Breakdown

here is the entire breakdown of anything relating to the subject of some of the recent rumors – LInks

You might also notice a few other commonly occurring names in all of those posts.

What is the deal with rumors like the ones that many of us have heard again? We are all very aware of Roy F McCampbell, and his “alleged” past less then honest activities. A grand jury indictment accuses him of stealing more than $500,000 from the west suburban village of Bellwood, in part by manipulating his employment contracts and deceiving the Village Board about them. Why do people openly align themselves with him? Why did Patricia Godziszewski so directly and openly defend him?

Patricia Godziszewski always has been an advocate of Roy F McCampbell (again an individual who is under indictment for theft and official misconduct), and consistently voted in favor of anything related to Mr McCampbell, she has supported his complaints and accusations since the beginning. She was consistently hostile, and evasive with respect to answering questions directed at her during board meetings. She was regularly unprepared as the Vice President of the Board, and has displayed great contempt for the teachers and staff of School District 81. She was the co-author of the very unprofessional and “private” letter written to the school board legal council in regard to her and Mr Stachura’s disapproval of the very competent and capable superintendent.

Patricia Godziszewski was one of the driving forces behind the hiring of a long ago replaced law firm that represented Schiller Park School District 81. A law firm that has had some bad press as far as the representation of other school boards, and has had questionable connections to Mr McCampbell from the beginning. Even with all the questions to that subject being asked of Patricia Godziszewski by her fellow board members the law firm was voted in. As it turns out that was the begining of what became one of the most costly legal eras in the School District’s history. With legal fees skyrocketing, and what one could only refer to as bad legal advice, Patricia Godziszewski played her part in costing the tax payers of this community 100s of thousands of dollars. The law firm resigned on the eve of their removal by the School Board members who had had regained a majority vote on the topic, and that same resignation letter was released by Mr McCampbell shortly before that Board meeting ever took place. When it was released by Mr McCampbell, to the best of my knowledge it was not yet public information.

So not to feed the rumor beast more then it should, let’s keep these two names fresh in our minds as we move closer to the upcoming election season.




Something Fishy


First I hope everyone had as good of a vacation as I had, but it is time to get back to it.

It seems something may be brewing in SD81, but I will as usual be 100% honest with you, I do not know what. It seems I have some catching up to do before Wednesday.

I will freely admit that this next screen grab has sparked an interest for me.


I feel, simply based off of the tone of the post that it would be well worth everyone’s time to attend the meeting this Wednesday the 17th.

I also thought it would be worth a bit of time to take a look at the agenda for the next meeting, nothing out of the ordinary at first glance, but one thing strikes me as not the norm.



Original document can be found here

“Action Regarding Proposed Settlement Agreement”?


Missed Educational Opportunities


I was recently reading an older article on TribLive written by Kellie B. Gormly (found here) One of the points in the article really stuck with me.

• Don’t demand benefits for your child to the detriment of other children’s needs.

This really stuck with me, and I really cant stop thinking about it.

What has the actions of one family cost every other child in School District 81? More specifically what has the actions of one family cost all the rest of the special education students of Schiller Park School District 81? In monetary terms tens of thousands would probably be a severe understatement. Hundreds of thousands would most likely be more accurate. Can we calculate the educational opportunities lost do to the turmoil surrounding these two people? No matter the price the cost was to high.

We are talking about time in these children’s lives they can never get back. Lost opportunities that will never again be realized. What these two have done should be a crime, and some day maybe it will be, but for now it is up to us to stay informed and educated. We have to be the defenders of our children and grand children. We have to advocate not just for the rights of our own, but for the rights of all children. We have to use the examples of two very destructive adults as what not to do, and learn from the examples of destruction they have perpetrated on Schiller Park School District 81. We have to look at the source of accusations and complaints a little closer, and use that information to appropriately place the venom they speak into the correct category.

Lets recap a post from back in 2014 to restart the flow of reality with one of the individuals we are dealing with. Original post found here. Please keep in mind this is only scratching the surface.

Numerous rumors and untruths have been continuously circulated and posted regarding this very politically active individual.

It is time to set the record straight.

These FACTS: are verified and proven through news articles, court documents, F.O.I.A. requests, his own blog, and resignation letters. Much of this information was taken from the Indictment filed against him. Some of the following “FACTs” are accusations by the states attorneys office, and part of an IndictmentIn the United States of America everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

FACT: McCampbell took advantage of misguided trust and breached every fiduciary duty in drafting and manipulating his employment contracts obtaining benefits never openly disclosed or knowingly authorised.

FACT: McCampbell took measures to cover up his actions and those of his administrative assistant and ultimately just blatantly stole compensation.

FACT: McCampbell, is credited with putting Bellwood Illinois in almost 100 million in debt.

FACT: McCampbell bullied insurance benefits that were never authorized or permitted, and $100,000 in insurance compensation between 2008-2009

FACT: McCampbell stole $20,000 in compensation in 2008

FACT: McCampbell stole $36,000 in compensation in 2009

FACT:  McCampbell Authorized over $400,000 for his administrative assistant’s loyalty and cooperation between 2006-2009

FACT:  McCampbell admitted to taking advantage of the village and actively covered up his true pay.

FACTS: The Defendant ROY F MCCAMPBELL is charged by Grand Jury Indictment with the felony offenses of 720 ILCS 5/16-1

  1. (Theft from Government in excess of $100,000, Class 1 felony),
  2. (Theft in excess of $500,000, non- probationable Class 1 felony).
  3. (Theft from Government in excess of $10,000, Class 1 felony),
  4. (Theft from Government in of $500, Class 3 felony)
  5. 720 ILCS 5/33-3 (Official Misconduct, CIBSS 3 felony)

FACT: Bellwood, Illinois filed a complaint in Cook County circuit court accusing Roy F. McCampbell of running village finances into the ground as he had control of the budget between 2005 and 2009 as comptroller, public safety director and corporation counsel. He was paid more than $1.5 million over this period, ending 2009 with a salary of $449,312.

FACT: “Defendant acted with reckless disregard for the rights and interests of the village in the performance of his duties while a village employee,” the sworn complaint stated. “As a result of his willful, wanton, and/or reckless conduct, the village suffered economic and non-economic damages.”

FACT: McCampbell’s child was dismissed from his school due to abuse of the staff by him and his wife. — information discovered from a currently deleted blog post by McCampbell himself (here)

FACT: McCampbell has filed many unsubstantiated complaints against the school district and its staff, and continues to do so. (more on this in future blog posts)

FACT: McCampbell has stalked teachers and staff on repeated occasions. Including people that have already resigned.

FACT: McCampbells repeated unsubstantiated complaints, and delaying tactics have cost this town and its tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

FACT: McCampbell has used his knowledge as a lawyer to intimidate residents who stand up and defend their children’s education.

FACT: McCampbell has made regular and continuous unfounded accusations against members, and employes of this community with various state organizations.

FACT: McCampbell still practices law despite his ethical breaches while employed by the village of Bellwood

FACT: ROY F McCAMPBELL has stated his intention on running for school board of School District 81 on the April 2015 ballot. Is this the type of man anyone would want having a say in how are tax dollars are spent, or how your children are educated?

I am a bit perplexed and saddened that this individual has the nerve to actually ask for peoples votes!

In subsequent blog articles I am going to explore each of these FACTS more in depth.  We all have a right to differ in our opinion with others.   We need to respect this right of differences of opinion and approach it in a civil manner, but also respect the interests of the constituants in this community and know when to step back.

OPINION: McCampbell has many people tricked into thinking he is doing honorable work  Examples:

  1. Roy, your colleagues, friends and your family know who and what you are. All others matter not one bit, they are merely petty and jealous (and who could blame them). The only way they can be big is to stand on your shoulders. Let them spin their lies, they deceive no one but themselves.
  2. Way to go Roy, tell it as it is…..

OPINION: McCampbell has an unnatural fear of potholes, radon, landfills, and honest people.


Please educate yourself with who you are listening to before you believe everything they are saying.

So much more to come






Guidelines for Choosing an Attorney


Guidelines for Choosing an Attorney for Special Education Representation

If you have a child with a disability, you may find yourself in circumstances in which you require assistance in securing services to meet your child’s educational needs. In such circumstances, you may turn to an attorney for assistance. Below are some basic guidelines to assist you in selecting an attorney who will be helpful to you.

I want to add one very important piece of information before you get to the official State of Illinois list. This is not on the original, and is simply something that I feel many people overlook.

Do an internet search on any perspective attorneys to make sure they will best suit your needs. Some times you may find the person that seems genuinely perfect to help you in you and your child’s situation just may be in a bit of legal trouble, and nothing would hurt your efforts as a parent more then loosing your attorney in the middle of all your hard work because they went to jail.

This original and official list can be found here.

Select an attorney with special education expertise.
Special education is a complex area of the law, and one not generally taught in law school. Attorneys who assist parents in this field should be well-versed on the various federal and state laws and regulations, as well as the current special education cases coming from the courts.

Select an attorney with special education experience.
The practice of special education can involve simple negotiations, mediation, administrative hearings (called “due process hearings”), or court hearings. Attorneys who assist parents in this field should have experience with all of these areas or at least be able to explain the scope of their special education experience.

Ask how the attorney charges for his/her work.
Special education practice can range from public service attorneys who work for free or at low cost to eligible families to those in private practice who charge for their work. Be sure you understand and get in writing a statement of any and all retainers, hourly fees, or flat fees for representation.

Understand your role as parents.
Attorneys can advise you on the status of the law and about expected outcomes of your case based upon an analysis of the facts and the law. However, you remain the ultimate decision maker with regard to your child’s educational planning. You should also get regular updates from the attorney (preferably in writing) as to the status of the case. The attorney should be reasonably available to answer your questions and clarify issues.

Find out if the attorney has support personnel who will be assisting him/her.
Attorneys can be alone in the representation of families (called “solo practice”) or can practice with other attorneys or paraprofessionals. If you are likely to come in contact with or get billed for such other people, you should understand this person’s role in the case. If the attorney is using a paraprofessional as a lay advocate, you should understand how closely the attorney will supervise this paraprofessional.

Understand how long it may take to resolve the matter.
In some cases, attorneys can negotiate speedy resolutions for their clients; in others, it may take months to reach a resolution. Discuss with your attorney the time frame he/she anticipates in resolving your specific concerns. The attorney should be able to describe the various dispute resolution tactics (negotiation, mediation, due process, or state monitoring) that could apply in your particular case and a reasonable time frame for each.

Select an attorney who understands your child.
Each child with a disability is unique and presents unique educational concerns. Make sure you are confident that your attorney understands the underlying disability and how it manifests itself in your child. If a particular type of disability is new to an attorney, he/she should be willing to educate himself/herself in its particulars.


The Illinois Open Meetings Act


A short discussion of the rules.  At least as they pertain to Schiller Park School Board meetings. To include scheduled, committee, special, and emergency ones.

The posting of these meetings, the locations, and the time frames required are governed by the Illinois Open Meetings Act.     5 ILCS 120

A guide to the Open Meetings Act can be found here. A good place to start is Section 7 at the bottom of page 33. But feel free to read the entire document.

The School Board of Schiller Park School District 81 policy covering the same topic can be found here. Section 2:200 starting on page 38. I will additionally share a few images for those who do not want to thumb through the original documents.


If you read through the document you will notice that the local guidelines almost mirror the state level laws governing the posting of meetings and notification to the community of those meetings.

Now as usual please correct me if I am wrong. After reading the Illinois laws governing open meetings, and then reading the Schiller Park School Board’s policy on Meetings and posting of them it looks like School District 81 of Schiller Park has gone one step further then the law requires by also posting the Schedual and agenda of the meetings on their Internet Page linked here.

The School District seems to have taken it even further outside of policy and posted a reminder of this evenings committee meeting on the School’s Facebook Page found here.


Looks and sounds like transparency to me.

What does that mean to me or anyone else that reads this? Probably not much as I feel very strongly that most people, including those that dont think as highly of the School District are aware of the School District’s compliance with the Illinois Open Meetings Act.  And by most I mean everyone but one person.

I also feel safe in my opinion when I say if there was something amiss with the posting of the meetings and the School District’s compliance with the Open Meetings Act it would have had twelve formal complaints, twenty informal complaints, half a dozen or more coherent Facebook posts, and some sort of lawsuit by now.

So rest easy KKG. This is not a conspiracy.

A Reminder

Just a helpful reminder for those that don’t check the School Districts Internet site regularly. “Others” like to think everything is a conspiracy, but it is not. This information was shared multiple times by the School District of Schiller Park. The School District also can not force people to read what they share.

The original posting can be found here


Community Forum


School District 81 of Schiller Park held a community forum this past Wednesday at 6pm to give the SD81 community an opertunity to see what is taking place at Kennedy School, and ask questions.

First let me add that I was actually able to attend this event, and I feel the project was very well presented, and very well attended. Almost all the chairs were full, with many interested faces.

I watch all of the School Board meeting videos because of my inability to attend, and have been at least aware of the issues with Kennedy School enrollment numbers starting with the November of 2014 meeting (This info was also shared in the presentation). The School District has also had a link to information about this project on the front page of the web page for some months now.


It appeared that the entire Administration and more then a few teachers were in attendance. Five of the seven School Board members were present as well, but simply as observers (I heard someone say that this was an open meetings violation, but I am pretty sure it was not, I do not believe the law prohibits the school board from being in the same building at the same time).

The School District started the forum with short tours of the building focusing on key areas that need to be addressed. After the tours there was a presentation, followed by a Q&A session.

The presentation portion moved along quickly with multiple presenters covering their specific areas. I found it to be a very good opportunity to get a strong overview of what was going to happen with the building.

In my effort to be as upfront as possible, there was some small amount of moaning and groaning,  but this is to be expected. The previous years were filled with so many lies and exaggerations by a majority of the School board that it caused issues that the few members of the Board that were trying to do right by the community and its children could never gain any ground.  Those “Bad” members and their associates outside the board spread so much “miss-information”, half truths, and outright lies that I’m very surprised there was not more of the moaning and groaning. To me it is proof that people have started to see the truth behind those lies.

There will always be the help-rejecting complainers, and those with genuine concerns that are open to the possibility that what they hear around town may or may not even be true. We will also always see a few that just don’t care about the truth, children’s safety, or education.

Those most notably not in attendance are actually the main contributors to the problems of the past. The ones who still try and spread their lies, and fabricated half truths simply for the disruption it causes. They stir up trouble with anyone that will listen, they then tell the ones they have wound up that they will not get the truth from anyone in the School District. I heard more then once last night from one of the attendees that the entire presentation was a lie. Of course this is not the case, and anyone that takes a calm moment to analyze what the School District is presenting will come to the same conclusion. The presentation contained facts, and details backed up with explanations and truth, backed up with an open door policy, and absolute transparency.

I only wish the small portion of the community (the Help-rejecting complainers) that refuse to listen to the details and explanations no matter what, would stop trying to close the minds of the remaining members of the community that otherwise might be open to the possibility that what’s being done is needed.

After the main presentation there was breakout sessions in a few categories. This I assume was an attempt to reduce the group sizes and allow more people to ask their more specific questions. A few in attendance mentioned they felt it limited their options, but understood the reasoning. I heard more then a few of the administration mention this is not the only way to get your questions answered, and I believe that to be true.

You can follow this link for the slide show from the presentation, and the written questions and answeres from that portion of the forum. I also strongly encourage anyone with more questions to contact the District offices, or attend your next committe or School Bord meetings.

The feeling I get from this current School Board and Administration of School District 81 is that they are trying to overcome all the bad information being spread by people that don’t really know the facts. Please get your information from a source that knows what is actually going on.  I will say this much David C Stachura, John Kowalski, and Roy F McCampbell or their Facebook pages are not the apropriate place to get the correct information. David Stachura, and John Kowalski have not attended a single meeting of any sort since the June of 2015 meeting. Mr McCampbell has attended a few meetings, and I believe he has the ability to share actual facts but for some unknown reason has always choosen not to, he therefore in my opinion should never be anyone’s source of information. Please take the time to do your own fact checking, and come to your own unbiased conclusions.

Thank you to all those who attended Wednesday nights community forum, and an additional thank you to all those that came with an open mind.