A selfish declaration of unfairness.


Now might be a good time for Irene Moskal Del Guidice to take a moment from her busy schedule for some self-reflection. The world is not out for her destruction, and what I have said about her pales in comparison to what “Her friends” have said about others.

A video was recorded of the last village board meeting, and posted online. (Entire video found here). First I want to commend the community member that recorded it. The village does not record their meetings like the local school board does, and this individual took it on himself to try and share what the village has chosen not to. That is something that should change in my opinion, but that is a post for a different time. Even after a verbal attack by Irene Moskal Del Guidice (Pictured above) he continued to video the meeting.

During the video people spoke about a few issues that were of concern, and I don’t want to take away from those speeches. What was of particular interest to me was the speech by former village trustee Irene Moskal Del Guidice.

Right out of the gate (ten seconds into the video) she starts talking very angrily about how unfair the things that have been said about her on social media are. She tells everyone that they are all lies, and its going to cost her money fighting those lies. I am going to share the posts I have made discussing Irene Moskal Delguidice, and I would like to ask everyone to take a look at them again.

https://jamesjtompson.wordpress.com/2015/07/01/did-the-quartet-just-become-a-quintet/ <— poked a bit of fun at her larger then life personality. Queen bee and all that.


https://jamesjtompson.wordpress.com/2015/07/18/needs-your-attention/ <— A bit of satire in this post, but the meaning is still valid.


Can someone please share with me what parts of those posts were lies? Is it not true that she has volunteered large amounts of time in and around this community? Is it not true that she has been on many boards in and around this community? Is it not true that many people of this community still have respect for her? Is it not true that she is very forceful in her opinions (the video speaks to that)? Is it not true that she often will not listen to anyone that disagrees with her? Is it not true that David Stachura, and Roy F McCampbell consider themselves her friends? And is it not true that Roy F McCampbell wrote her F.O.I.A. for her submission to the District officer of Schiller Park School District 81 (linked above)? I wont ask this as a question, but it is also true that she does not understand the subjects she speaks about, or the situation as it stands.

She stated more than once that what is being said about her is unfair, and all lies. What I really want to know from Irene Moskal Del Guidice is what she thinks of the things “Her friends” have said about everyone else in this town? Does she think it is OK for “Her friends” to try and destroy the reputations of people who have volunteered their time in this town like her, but with actual lies? “Her Friends” have said its abuse of the elderly, and that describes what “Her friends” are doing to the elderly and every other age person in Schiller Park. Another question I have is has she ever seen the other blogs in this town? or is the source of those blogs also the source of her knowledge?

Irene has also stated how she will not allow the School Board to allow the lies no matter who it is. What does the School Board have to do with anything I have said about her? I don’t work for the schools, so how does the School Board have any control over me? I know the answer though, even without asking. It is because “Her friends” have told her that’s who is writing my blog. They are telling her that with the attempt to manipulate her for the furthering of their own agenda, and to use her to get at the people who are trying to do some good.

At about one minute and twenty seconds she told the village board to start acting like humans and not garbage, and then at around three minutes she verbally attacks the person recording the video, and demands from the mayor that he be removed from the meeting.

I will not defend a woman who demands things of people with absolutely zero respect for them and their position. I will not defend a person who treats others the way she has been treating people lately, but I will say that what is being done to Irene Moskal Del Guidice is a disgusting and terrible thing, but it is not being done by me, not by anyone in the village, or the school board. Well wait, strike that, David Stachura is a School Board member, and one of the key manipulators. The other being Roy F McCampbell.

I will stand up for Irene when she stands up for more than just herself. I will defend her when she speaks of more than just what is unfair to her, and talks about what is also being done to so many others in Schiller Park.

If you are truly Irene Moskal Del Guidice’s friend show her the other blogs that have spread so many lies and hurt so many people. Show her the truth, and let’s see how she acts then. Who knows maybe she has seen them already, and knows full well the damage those blogs are trying to do to this community.

Censure David C Stachura


Late night ruminations


Insomnia has its perks. Sometimes we can find ways to reflect at the oddest of times.

When I first started this blog I had one goal, and that was to try and do something good, maybe give a little bit of change a gentle nudge in the right direction. The problem was I didn’t know how I was going to go about accomplishing that. I was new in town and didn’t really know what was really going on, but I jumped in head first and with that JamesJTompson.wordpress.com was born. Things started out very differently than they are today, it just flowed, and continued to evolve week after week. Some of that evolution I liked, But some of it I feel was drifting in the wrong direction.

People send me stories all the time, examples of situations and things that are happening, and I tend to take some of it personally. I also don’t really know any of the people that send me stories but after so many conversations I start to feel a connection, and when you read the hurt and hear the lies and destructive rumors being spread I often want to strike back.

Now in my recent posts on my blog I acted on my personal feelings and allowed my message to slip a little. I do not regret anything I have said, but I merely want to get back on track and keep my message true.

The most recent subject that has caused me to get off track has been Irene Moskal Del Giudice. I drifted in my reporting of what I was hearing because it was just all so terrible. What was and is being done to her by Roy F McCampbell, David Stachura, but I also couldn’t figure out how someone with her reputation for public service would try and shut down a program that feeds homeless people. That led me to some rather unfair comments, but the truth is the truth. In that particular post Roy F McCampbell wrote a F.O.I.A. for her (post found here), and in her name. Nothing illegal there, just interesting how many people are his puppets, and now an elderly lady who is loosing touch with what is really going on, and her proper place in politics. She is no longer on any board in this town, but demands things from everyone including the Mayor like she is in charge of the place.

Lets put aside all of our personal feelings for Irene, she has contributed greatly in her own way to the surrounding community. She has volunteered more of her personal time than most of us can even begin to imagine. I will also not sit here and tell you that all of what she has done has been perfectly wonderful or great because I really don’t know if that is the case, and the fact that I think her recent public displays are confused and erratic at best is just not even relevant to my message. What is relevant is that she is being used, and despite what I or anyone else think of her personally her standing in this community is being hijacked for the personal gain of others.

When a group of people looses credibility in the larger population they tend to seek out someone who still has some to spare, and then they try and bring them into their group. Irene is that person for Roy McCampbell, and David Stachura. Irene has enough credibility in this community to go around, and that is what those who call themselves her friends really want. They are taking advantage of her trusting nature, and her willingness to listen (to some) and trying to gain the trust people have in her for their own.

Nobody wants the person or people they empathize with to be hurt, but one thing I have to remind myself all the time is to stay on point. To not let The evil people corrupt my soul, and that got me to thinking what does staying on point mean when it comes to my blog?

In the context of how I present information on here staying on point means truth based on facts. Occasionally mixing in opinions based off of those truths and some satire for fun. I want to also provide the tools for the readers to be able to verify what I am calling facts.

Now while I was sitting here thinking about all of this and going through my normal process of creating a post I had decided to start my next one with the headline of “The sad state of affairs in Schiller Park”, but as I continued to think about that, and the rest of the article I realized the state of affairs in Schiller Park is really not sad at all.

There is really good things going on in this town, and there are really good people involved with making those things happen. The problem on my end is that I was letting the evil people have too much power. I have said it many times before but these people only have the power we give them. Something happens when you let the negative and evil people start to gain too much ground in your heart. It starts to change your message, and I just can’t let that happen. The message of truth is all that matters to me.

The wonderful thing about the presentation of truth is that The people who it exposes have no way to fight it, so they resort to the things that are currently going on. We all know who they are, and that makes it much more disturbing.

Needs your attention

Screen Shot 2015-07-184

Needs our attention ASAP:

The abuse of this pillar of the Schiller Park community is disgusting to say the least. She is being used by a few of the people that call themselves her friends. (Roy F McCampbell, and David Stachura). Used for their own political gains, and they should be ashamed. They do not care for her personally and should be stopped. We need to raise awareness of what is being done to her, and do what we can to stop Roy F McCampbell, and David Stachura from continuing the abuse. (I may have picked a bad host for my petition. It is randomly deleting signitures. Mine mostly, but it is free.)


Screen Shot 2015-07-181 Screen Shot 2015-07-182 Screen Shot 2015-07-183

The abuse of Irene

Because one individual can share things she knows nothing about, but can’t take or handle the truth we should all treat her with kindness? Well I personally treat those with kindness that have treated me or mine equally. I give respect where respect is do, and it is not due this person simply based off of how I see her treat others, but with that I respect her past, and contributions to the community. The contributions of the past however do not validate the actions of the present. I also discount every word that is spoken currently as only the repeated ramblings of her friends, and not the thoughts of her own mind.

I do also feel sorry for the lady who I do have a modicum of respect for, but she is nothing more then a political pawn of those who call themselves her friends. They are taking advantage of her past achievements to strentghen their own image for the purpose of destroying others.

Shame on you for abusing an elderly woman in this manner, and for taking advantage of her in this way! I only wish she saw the truth. They feel what is being said about her is a horrible injustice, but how about what her friends do and say about others? What does she think of that, or does she even know?

Did the quartet just become a quintet?


Who is the quartet you ask? Well it is non-other then Roy McCampbell, David Stachura, Patricia Godziszewski, and Mary Jane Goldthwaite.

Now you are wondering who came along to make it a quintet? I’m glad you asked. Some of you might add that the newest addition to the McCampbell Crew is not a new addition at all. In Fact she has been a thorne in the side of just about everyone in this community (and a few others) for many decades. Whether they know it or not, and even longer then the rest of the group by a long shot. More recently with the help and guidance of Mr McCampbell, and Mr Stachura in their efforts to swing the vote of the retired crowd during the most recent election.

I am talking about the chief of all chiefs, the Mac to everyone’s daddy, the queen bee of all the bees, the president of the board herself, none other then the indominable Irene Moskal Delguidice.

Not a political movement happens in this town without this fabulous young lady weighing in with her vastly one sided and heavily self inflated opinion. In fact I am not completely convinced she actually has her own opinion at all and she simply just parrots the thoughts of others. In this case Mr McCampbell, and David Stachura.

Some of you might be asking if this is the same lady that Allegedly (edited for accuracy after the error was brought to my attention through review) tried to have the Loaves and Fishes organization shut down a few months ago, and reportedly tried to do the same to the ABC Parent Group? Well my answer would be a resounding yes to both (on a side note both of those organizations are still around no thanks to her efforts). She is also the same lady that gave a very moving speech at a School Board meeting (18 March 2015, here at the 1h 26m Mark) were she spoke of her time on the Schiller Park School Board, and soundproofing. I believe she also stated during the same meeting (While the board was in executive session) that she was going to have herself appointed to the Illinois School Board and end all of this. As you can see here she has not yet been appointed. 

Irene Moskal Del Giudice’s newest interests (with the help of Roy F McCampbell as I will show you in a moment) were demonstrated on June 23rd 2015  when she made a F.O.I.A. Request of School District 81 for the following items.

  1. All complaints filed against the district for the past 7 years, all documents leading to findings, and all official findings.
  2. All settlements agreed to by the District for the past 7 years.
  3. All itemized invoices from legal firms representing the district for the past 7 years.
  4. Communications between and among District employees, community members, and Board members pertaining to the 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 SD81 School Board Election.
  5. Copies of all administrator contracts for the past 7 years.
  6. All documents related to the sale of school bonds for the past 7 years.
  7. All Student Activity fund ledgers showing revenues and expenditures for the past 7 years.

I don’t know about anyone else but that list of requests looks, and sounds a lot like many if not all of the McCampbell requests ever made. Let’s go back to a few and take a look. Her request can be found here

Roy F McCampbell’s requests on the current F.O.I.A. log

Screen Shot 1

Screen Shot 2
http://www.sd81.org/bo/documents/Request14_021.pdf. <—- 35 part request

Screen Shot 3

http://www.sd81.org/bo/documents/Request_13-027.pdf <—- 74 part request, yes I said 74 part

Screen Shot 4
http://www.sd81.org/bo/documents/1FOIA13-020.pdf <—- 32 part request

Screen Shot 5

How about Mary Jane Goldthwaite’s, do they look any different? – No They are the same, but that would make sense, they live together. 

Screen Shot 6

How about a requests by Desi Guimon. – Nope, the exact same, starting to see a pattern.
http://www.sd81.org/bo/documents/13-021.pdf <—- 50 part request

Screen Shot 7

Maybe a requests made by Robert Murbach would be diferent? -Nope, also the same.  Well thats a bit more odd. 

Screen Shot 8

Now how about the Irene Moskal Del Giudice F.O.I.A. again? Does its page layout, and formatting of the questions look any different? Almost the exact same, but it was supposedly the requests of a different resident?

Screen Shot 9

F.O.I.A. requests made by five different people all looking and sounding the exact same, my money would also be on the 66 F.O.I.A. Requests made by David C Stachura in the past look a lot like the ones shared above. Sadly the archive does not share copies of those requests. Found here

What sort of Tom Foolery is this? How many people does Roy F McCampbell write Freedom of information act requests for? Or is Mr Roy F McCampbell using these people to further his own vengeful agenda because he didn’t want to give the impression of harassing the school district? If he writes requests such as these under different peoples names did he think it would give the impression of problems within the School District?

Additionally, is he really taking advantage of an elderly woman to further his own agenda? I guess if he was doing such a despicable thing she would be the perfect one to use. Irene Moskal Del Giudice is the type that will talk about how terrible something is without actually knowing any facts about the subject she is talking about. She will enter any event she chooses to attend and start telling stories of things she has heard. In most cases she isn’t even close, and wasn’t even there. She will share tales of horrible deeds and say how when I was on the board I would not have allowed this to happen. When anyone attempts to share their side of the story she doesn’t allow a single word. She will cut you off in the middle of your sentence and repeat the exact same story or pieces of the story she just shared. Yes I have had many dealings with Irene Moskal Del Giudice over the years, and a lot like Mr McCampbell I had really hoped she would have settled into a quiet retirement by now.

Then there is this guy, Kenneth Zurek of Franklin park. A Newcomer to F.O.I.A requests at School District 81(Found here), a recent 2015 candidate for Franklin park Trustee (who was removed from the ballot for collecting signatures before the legally allowed time frame <— Info found here), and a reportedly unlicensed CPA. Wait, did I forget to mention he is a disbarred attorney?

Case Name and Number: In re Kenneth Paul Zurek, 99CH0045 (One of multiple dispositions on this case)
Disposition: Disbarment
Effective Date of Disposition: 09/19/2002
End Date of Disposition: No disposition end date scheduled at this time. Discipline continues until further order of the Court.
Definition of Disposition: Disbarment is a determination that the lawyer has engaged in misconduct warranting the most serious sanction. The disbarred lawyer is not authorized to practice law during the period of the disbarment and may not return to the practice of law unless and until he or she has demonstrated his or her rehabilitation, good character, and current knowledge of the law in a subsequent reinstatement case, which may not be filed until five years after the effective date of the disbarment.

Info found here

He has also been sued for defamation? Info found hereHe really does seem to be living up to his nickname “The McCampbell of Franklin Park”, and now he is also interested in Schiller Park School District 81? Is he friends with the McCampbell quintet, or just a newly found crony?

I am continually amazed at the connections, and “Coincidences” a person can find when they look. The back door dirty deeds seem to have been going on for many years, and will not stop until we as a community make our voices heard.

The game of truth continues


That is the most unfortunate part of all of the issues that surround Schiller Park School District 81. It’s all a game to David Stachura, Patricia Godziszewski, Roy F McCampbell, Mary Jane Goldthwaite, and simply by his silence and association John Kowalski. A sad game of lies, but to what end?

The lives and education of the students in School District 81 are a game to David, Patricia, Roy, and Mary Jane. The taxes paid, and respect of the residents of Schiller Park, and part of Franklin Park are also a game to David, Patricia, Roy, and Mary Jane. They play with the lives of children (some their own) for no other purpose then advancing their agenda, and more recently trying to exact some sort of revenge on the people who have done good things for the children of this town.

If this is a game to them then the school children of the district are the pawns. It is also a one sided game that the teachers refuse to participate in, and yet they keep on trying to teach despite the attempts of some to destroy all the efforts of the School District’s Staff.

Who are the players in their game of destruction? David C Stachura (School Board President for now, co-owner Schiller Park Blog), Patricia Godziszewski (School Board Vice President for now), Roy F McCampbell (Resident, lawyer, currently under indictment, and free man for now, co-owner Schiller Park Blog), Mary Jane Goldthwaite (wife of Roy McCampbell, co-owner Schiller Park Blog), John Kowalski (Silent partner), and Catherine Stachura (Wife of David Stachura, and Library Board President for now, co-owner/writer Schiller Park Blog). They also have a few minions, although the numbers are dwindling they do exist. Irene Moskal Delguidice being the most prominent, or should I say once prominent member of the McCampbell crew. She has been a board member at Triton (undoubtedly were she met the McCampbells), a past Schiller Park trustee, and past member of the board of School District 81. She is currently the president of the Polish American Congress – Illinois division, and she has been described by Roy McCampbell as being vintage Schiller Park. Let’s also not forget the most recent return to the Schiller Park destruction crew of Jana Santuchi-Stilphen. Past resident of Schiller Park who recently returned to social media on Election Day with ignorant accusations of events taken out of reality and twisted in an attempt to help the “crew” in their efforts to control, and stagnate the Schiller Park School District 81 School Board.

The tactics of the games they play with the education of children are the same as always. Lies, and miss guided half truths written in the attempt to spread fear amongst the voters. Now that the election is over they have shifted from sowing the seeds of fear in the voting population to targeting those who would support the district. By their own accounts, the last thing David Stachura, and Patricia Godziszewski ever wanted was parent participation at the School Board meetings, but why? That has always been the top question on my mind. For what purpose do they align themselves so closely with the one who seems to always be at the center of the storm.

No matter the situation, at the center or near the center of the turmoil you will find a McCampbell. It’s just a fact of life in School District 81. For every accusation made, or complaint filed there is a McCampbell involved. Why is that?

It is my opinion that people like him have a huge toolbox with which to manipulate people.  Shaming, snooping, lying, Gaslighting, rages, guilt trips and conspiracies that are carefully orchestrated are just a few. His self-regulating and controlling mechanics always involve pulling people into their lair and extracting information from them and in turn using this information for whatever gain he desires or to use against them. Sometimes the people he pulls into his lair become his servants or minions. His minions are also the ‘go to’ people when he needs back up because they are about to be exposed! People like him train their minions to be used as tools to fight alongside in their Smear Campaigns. 

His abuse is not only confined to a single person, but instead it is a complex network that includes his primary and secondary supply sources as well as his supportive adoring friends, and family members, all of which are basically seduced into their roles. He NEEDS this network to survive (supply) as well as enable him to escape exposure when he gets caught in yet another extortion of a person’s life. There is a huge trail of destruction that follows him, and He needs a network of people to support his ‘needs’. This is a full time job to control the world around him, but the key element is that he is always on the defensive and everybody is essentially an enemy or someone to use for support because his world is so full of lies and holes as it concerns the reality he presents to us. 

The “reality he presents us” says more about this situation then a lot of people care to admit. So many people have been hurt by the lies that it has become an epidemic. This can only be fixed with the spreading of the truth, and bringing the “minions” to a point that they realize what’s going on, or they simply no longer want to be pawns in his games of lies, and destruction. 

The game only stops when people stop playing it.