McCampbell and Triton College


One of the many jobs held by Roy F McCampbell was at Triton College. After he resigned in January of  1998, he was replaced by a Sean Sullivan who was then appointed Triton vice president for business services.

In August of 1999, McCampbell’s wife (who also worked for the college) Mary Jane Goldthwaite, filed a libel/slander lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court against Triton and several officials related to statements made about her and her termination by the school. In October of 2000, Goldthwaite filed a four count federal civil rights lawsuit against Triton, alleging a hostile work environment and sexual harassment by Sullivan, and retaliation by the college for her reporting the harassment.

The college negotiated a sealed out-of-court settlement with Goldthwaite and her husband, McCampbell, who was acting as one of her attorneys.

McCampbell and Goldthwaite continued to work with Triton and Sullivan after this settlement. McCampbell was a director of the Triton Foundation; Goldthwaite served as secretary. Sullivan was the foundation’s treasurer.

All three continued to work together after that? It’s also ironic that a McCampbell would complain about harassment and a hostile work environment. Maybe this gave them the idea.


The McCampbell Game And a Video


On Wednesday the 17th at the monthly School Board meeting we all received a pretty big and long planned slap in the face. The details of that slap being made clear yesterday. I feel that it was no big surprise to any of us, but the amount of money involved still caught many off guard.

Many are outraged and by rights we all should be, but what I wanted to talk about today is my opinions on what has lead to this final act of depravity. We have all had a while to think about it, and at least for me it still is difficult to wrap my head around.


$250,000 – The median income for a household in the village is around $41,583, and the median income for a family was $48,525. $250,000 would be more then five years of household income in Schiller Park Illinois, but isn’t this money supposed to be for the purpose of educating the family’s children? If that is the case then it shouldn’t matter that most people could live for five years on that sum of money. The biggest question I have is if it will actually be used for its intended purpose, but we may never know. We can use history to point us in a direction but it’s still all just a bunch of opinions.


That is a lot of complaints to most people, but when it comes to this family it only scratches the surface. No one with the exception of the School District actually has a solid count of complaints filed against the School District of Schiller park. I have heard numbers anywhere from 70 to 90 individual complaints, and many many more filed against other educational establishments. They have attacked individual educators reputations and have been the reported cause of many people leaving their careers in Schiller Park. That still does not include the significant amount of complaints filed against other organizations that they may have something to gain from. I have yet to receive any confirmation that any of these complaints were actionable. I’m sure with hundreds of complaints filled all over, that something was actually done wrong some place, but to the best of my knowledge that is not the case here in Schiller Park, or its School District. Please correct me if I am wrong but trust me when I say I have looked.

The typical actions taken after a complaint is filled is harassment. Once you have been accused then the following, video taping, social media stalking, parking outside of your house, and more complaints accelerates. It’s the pattern we have seen so many times.


If I understand this correctly the School district is no longer legally responsible to provide an education to the McCampbell children. So what doesn’t that mean now? Private school, or home schooling, frankly it is none of any of our business, but I desperately hope that it will be home school as to keep any other educational facilities from suffering the wrath two adults seeking endless compensation for nothing at all. I also hope that some of the state organizations designed to monitor the safety of children keep a very close eye on this situation.



This can be viewed a few different ways, but if we take into consideration that the parents in this situation have never had a complaint that was deemed valid it looks like a little bit more fuel to the thought process that this was the end result they were shooting for all along. This is all of course opinion, but it sure does seem plausible. To the best of my knowledge no action other then self preservation has ever been taken against Schiller Park School District 81 as a result of a McCampell or Goldthwaite complaint.


Pretty self explanatory, but not surprising. Especially since it is a true statement. I can only imagine that the purpose of agreeing to such a settlement has everything to do with the unbelievable and unknown costs of legal fees to defend against the endless complaints filled by the McCampbell and Goldthwaite team. Even if their is no guilt at all lawyers cost money and a good name needs to be defended. All that boils down to the defense of the education system in Schiller Park.


Let us just see how this one goes. In my opinion others will just speak for him, and he has proven that he has no problem using unknowing participants as a mouthpiece.


Pretty self explanatory, but although I of course believe that the representatives of the School District acted of their own free will I feel that they were backed into a corner and had no other choice but to pursue such a settlement if for no other reason then to protect the rest of the children of School District 81.


It is most assuredly a lot to chew on, but when taking my opinions and mixing them in with the history of these individuals and their alleged past actions one can only assume the worst. You have to simply to protect yourself from becoming the next victim.

The video of the meeting is also available for your viewing and can be found here. The statements from the board members can be found after the executive session portion of the meeting.

Dont become the next victim. Stand up and speak out against the people that have made destroying this town and its children’s future their number one priority.


Missed Educational Opportunities


I was recently reading an older article on TribLive written by Kellie B. Gormly (found here) One of the points in the article really stuck with me.

• Don’t demand benefits for your child to the detriment of other children’s needs.

This really stuck with me, and I really cant stop thinking about it.

What has the actions of one family cost every other child in School District 81? More specifically what has the actions of one family cost all the rest of the special education students of Schiller Park School District 81? In monetary terms tens of thousands would probably be a severe understatement. Hundreds of thousands would most likely be more accurate. Can we calculate the educational opportunities lost do to the turmoil surrounding these two people? No matter the price the cost was to high.

We are talking about time in these children’s lives they can never get back. Lost opportunities that will never again be realized. What these two have done should be a crime, and some day maybe it will be, but for now it is up to us to stay informed and educated. We have to be the defenders of our children and grand children. We have to advocate not just for the rights of our own, but for the rights of all children. We have to use the examples of two very destructive adults as what not to do, and learn from the examples of destruction they have perpetrated on Schiller Park School District 81. We have to look at the source of accusations and complaints a little closer, and use that information to appropriately place the venom they speak into the correct category.

Lets recap a post from back in 2014 to restart the flow of reality with one of the individuals we are dealing with. Original post found here. Please keep in mind this is only scratching the surface.

Numerous rumors and untruths have been continuously circulated and posted regarding this very politically active individual.

It is time to set the record straight.

These FACTS: are verified and proven through news articles, court documents, F.O.I.A. requests, his own blog, and resignation letters. Much of this information was taken from the Indictment filed against him. Some of the following “FACTs” are accusations by the states attorneys office, and part of an IndictmentIn the United States of America everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

FACT: McCampbell took advantage of misguided trust and breached every fiduciary duty in drafting and manipulating his employment contracts obtaining benefits never openly disclosed or knowingly authorised.

FACT: McCampbell took measures to cover up his actions and those of his administrative assistant and ultimately just blatantly stole compensation.

FACT: McCampbell, is credited with putting Bellwood Illinois in almost 100 million in debt.

FACT: McCampbell bullied insurance benefits that were never authorized or permitted, and $100,000 in insurance compensation between 2008-2009

FACT: McCampbell stole $20,000 in compensation in 2008

FACT: McCampbell stole $36,000 in compensation in 2009

FACT:  McCampbell Authorized over $400,000 for his administrative assistant’s loyalty and cooperation between 2006-2009

FACT:  McCampbell admitted to taking advantage of the village and actively covered up his true pay.

FACTS: The Defendant ROY F MCCAMPBELL is charged by Grand Jury Indictment with the felony offenses of 720 ILCS 5/16-1

  1. (Theft from Government in excess of $100,000, Class 1 felony),
  2. (Theft in excess of $500,000, non- probationable Class 1 felony).
  3. (Theft from Government in excess of $10,000, Class 1 felony),
  4. (Theft from Government in of $500, Class 3 felony)
  5. 720 ILCS 5/33-3 (Official Misconduct, CIBSS 3 felony)

FACT: Bellwood, Illinois filed a complaint in Cook County circuit court accusing Roy F. McCampbell of running village finances into the ground as he had control of the budget between 2005 and 2009 as comptroller, public safety director and corporation counsel. He was paid more than $1.5 million over this period, ending 2009 with a salary of $449,312.

FACT: “Defendant acted with reckless disregard for the rights and interests of the village in the performance of his duties while a village employee,” the sworn complaint stated. “As a result of his willful, wanton, and/or reckless conduct, the village suffered economic and non-economic damages.”

FACT: McCampbell’s child was dismissed from his school due to abuse of the staff by him and his wife. — information discovered from a currently deleted blog post by McCampbell himself (here)

FACT: McCampbell has filed many unsubstantiated complaints against the school district and its staff, and continues to do so. (more on this in future blog posts)

FACT: McCampbell has stalked teachers and staff on repeated occasions. Including people that have already resigned.

FACT: McCampbells repeated unsubstantiated complaints, and delaying tactics have cost this town and its tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

FACT: McCampbell has used his knowledge as a lawyer to intimidate residents who stand up and defend their children’s education.

FACT: McCampbell has made regular and continuous unfounded accusations against members, and employes of this community with various state organizations.

FACT: McCampbell still practices law despite his ethical breaches while employed by the village of Bellwood

FACT: ROY F McCAMPBELL has stated his intention on running for school board of School District 81 on the April 2015 ballot. Is this the type of man anyone would want having a say in how are tax dollars are spent, or how your children are educated?

I am a bit perplexed and saddened that this individual has the nerve to actually ask for peoples votes!

In subsequent blog articles I am going to explore each of these FACTS more in depth.  We all have a right to differ in our opinion with others.   We need to respect this right of differences of opinion and approach it in a civil manner, but also respect the interests of the constituants in this community and know when to step back.

OPINION: McCampbell has many people tricked into thinking he is doing honorable work  Examples:

  1. Roy, your colleagues, friends and your family know who and what you are. All others matter not one bit, they are merely petty and jealous (and who could blame them). The only way they can be big is to stand on your shoulders. Let them spin their lies, they deceive no one but themselves.
  2. Way to go Roy, tell it as it is…..

OPINION: McCampbell has an unnatural fear of potholes, radon, landfills, and honest people.


Please educate yourself with who you are listening to before you believe everything they are saying.

So much more to come






Obsess Much?

(Edited on 3/18/2016 to correct a statement in one of the pictures below. The individual adding the notes stated that one of my pages had been removed, but she is incorrect. It has been there since its date of posting. I’m still trying to make sense of the rest of her notes)

I have been accused of having an obsession or two on more then one occasion, and at times there is some specific truths to that accusation.

I obsess over facts, and truth. I obsess over people blatantly and ignorantly spreading misinformation. I obsess over my family, and their families.

I actually Obsess over Obsessing if that can be understood, and I am not the only one. Does anyone remember this post? “A pattern of harassment” His obsession was borderline dangerous in my opinion, but that is just a small sample of obsessive behaviors in beautiful Schiller Park Illinois.

We also have the obsession with spreading lies, or the obsession with using facts that have been twisted to fit the needs of the poster. It is hard to tell those people from the ones telling the truth, but I suspect that is the point. Like the Stop “Excessive” taxation Facebook page. We all know that page’s history of taking real situations and trying to spin them into something that is or will happen in Schiller Park while completely ignoring the actual reality of a situation. The use of inflammatory words simply designed to agitate those who don’t have access to the facts.

What about an obsession towards a person? An example being the obsession of a recently resigned School Board member with a single minded devotion to one family over all others in the school’s district?

How about the blind obsession of one person towards a larger group like in the following examples? The original poster seems to be “Obsessed” with finding things that don’t exist. At least this is what I think the intention was, but I am not completely sure.

If anyone can figure out what is going on in the following pictures please let me know.



Not correct the post you have referenced has never been removed. I have only ever removed one of my posts out of over 200, and that was not the one.




Those are examples of bad obsessions, or at least as far as I m concerned. I guess it all depends on your point of view doesn’t it, but does point of view change the facts? Does point of view alter the truth? The simple answer to that is no.

Facts, truth and reality are not in any way point of view dependent. They will remain the same no matter the side of the fence that you stand on.

I obsess every day about truth, facts, and reality. I strongly desire to spread truth, and share the facts in hopes that people will see reality. Does that make my obsession any more positive then the ones listed above? Now that questions answer is point of view dependent isn’t it.  I can think of more then a few people that would call my form of obsession “Evil”, “Destructive”, “all lies”, “Misinformation”, “Slander”, “Vile”, some even have said “criminal”. I believe this because I have accused them of the very same thing. But I present all of you with the last question. What do we, or should we all use to decide who is correct?

Truth, and facts are the only real way to decide what side of the fence you want to stand on. I know what I know because I researched it. I post what I post because I hope that anyone who reads these posts will have an open enough mind to see the possibilities, and do their own research to prove or disprove what I have to say. The sad fact of the mater is there will always be those who refuse to listen to “Truth”, and “Fact”. They will always choose the easy route, the path of least work. Or more sadly they will take the path of most personal gain. All the while the town of Schiller Park, Its families and children suffer, and for what.

Hello my name is James J Tompson, and I am OBSESSED with the truth, the facts, and the spreading of reality. Not the Destruction of Schiller Park.




This commentary is my opinion based off of the information I have found through my own research. Please take he time to verify everything on your own and come to your own conclusion. With an open mind and the ability to think rationally we can all make this town as great as we all know it can be.

pictures in this post shared with me by a concerned reader








Missleading Information, and Slander

On January 29th I posted about a Facebook page that I didn’t want to name directly because it was all “garbage” meant to miss-lead the readers, and I didn’t want to give it any more viewers (Found here), but I take all that back. I want people to go look at it. I want people to see what lies the small few holdouts have to say in order to get anyone to listen to them. I want everyone to see the page that has taken miss-information to a new level. I want everyone to see exactly what a smear campaign looks like.

It is truly a smear campaign, but not a new one to be sure. I have posted many times about the attempts of a few people who in my opinion have been trying for years to undermine all the work the teachers and staff of School District 81 have been trying to do. How many of us remember the SchillerParkBlog? How about the fake wordpress page trying to be me? These are just two examples of smear tactics perpetrated by the same people. The same people that are now attempting to do the same thing through their new (Heavily followed in India) Facebook Page.

The Facebook page I want to spend a little time going over is STOP “Excessive Taxation” by Schiller Park School District 81

Before we get started I want to add that not everything on this page is fake or made up, in actuality it is mostly filled with real documents or factual posts from other media sources. The problem appears when the documents or posts shared are miss-represented to miss-lead the reader to an inaccurate conclusion. The creator/s of the page are taking advantage of the fact that most people will read what is said at face value. Most wont get further then the negative comments added to the image.

I also want to document the Facebook page in all of its incorrect glory. I want to highlight how little the author of the page actually knows, and how disrespectful they are being to anyone who happens to read it.

Lets start with the November 8th 2015 post.


Let me start by saying that the page’s quote is actually a quote from the 2012 FY Audit. (Found here) The problem starts when the page’s authors incorrectly refer to the fund balance as a “Savings account”. This is an inaccurate description of what a fund balance truly is, and simply perpetuates a misconception that works against what the members of the administration and school board are trying to do.

People tend to think of a fund balance as a savings account. It is not, nor is it a “rainy day fund.” A fund balance is the amount of assets in excess of liabilities. These assets could include investments, delinquent taxes, accounts receivable and inventories. Further, the amount within a fund balance could fluctuate considerably throughout the year. When a district reports a fund balance, it is a snapshot in time that will change as assets are collected and financial obligations are met.

Another misconception is that the entire amount of a fund balance can be spent on any item that a school board sees fit. In reality, out of the five reported categories of fund balances, only one, unassigned fund balances, may be spent at the discretion of the school board. The other four categories are nonspendable, restricted, committed and assigned fund balances.

Our school district also maintains an appropriate fund balance for the following purposes:
• To demonstrate financial stability in the District.
• To avoid excessive short-term borrowing that opens the District to losses from differences in investment and borrowing rates.
• To avoid spending operation funds for interest on short-term loans.
• To stabilize both the budget and tax rate.
• To preserve a high bond rating (bond rating companies will routinely downgrade districts with an inadequate fund balance, because it gives the appearance of instability

So although that post has facts in it the author of the post uses those facts in such a manner that with carefully chosen words tries to mislead its readers into thinking the District has excessive amounts of extra cash just sitting in savings. This is simply not true, and in actuality maintaining an appropriate Fund Balance is a sign of a quality Administration, and School Board.

On November 8th 2015 the Facebook Page posted the following.


A link to an alternate media source. (Found here) Also not a lie, but when taken out of context and read at face value one might think this is terrible. Lets look for a moment at the rest of the information. According to the article the increases reported by the author is middle of the road almost exactly when compared to the rankings of all the other School Districts. There is 69 school districts with higher increases like the top of the list School district 300 with a 692.90% increase, now that’s “whooping”. The next one below that is 174.05%, and there is 80 school districts with a lower percent increase then Schiller Park School District 81, the lowest being Riverdale with a 14.13% increase.

The author of the Facebook page in question chooses to present the information in such a manner that it makes the School District look to be out of control and incapable of being trusted with our taxes when in fact the opposite is true.

I could just as easily say “Between 2000-2010, The village of Schiller Park increased the tax dollars collected annually by a “whooping” 83.36% from the village taxpayers !” and I wouldn’t be lying by any means. At least according to the web site linked in the Facebook page being discussed, but do we take into consideration all the other factors in this information when we read it? Do we sit back and dig in to find more information? Not usually, and the authors are counting on that. The authors are masters of taking things out of context, and twisting that information for their own gains. Taking advantage of most peoples willingness to trust what we read at face value.

Another from November 8th


Same misleading message but new words “repository of the “over taxation””.

See the comments at the top of the page about the reality of a good fund balance.

November 8th again.


November 8th was a busy day for the McToxics. This one accusing the Board of Eduction of giving excessive salary increases to the teachers of the school district because the SPEA bought them? This sounds just a touch slanderous to me. (definition found here)

I’m not joking, the authors of this page openly accused the Schiller Park School District 81 Board of Education of increasing teachers salaries because the SPEA “Bought” their election. If this isn’t the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation.

That’s only after you might notice the outright lie in the first paragraph of the post. “Why is the District 81 Board of Education negotiating a new teacher’s contract with the SPEA over a year before it expires”. Now please as usual someone correct me if I am wrong, or verify for yourself, but if I am not mistaken the contract for the teachers of School District 81 ended at the end of June of 2015.

Let us also look at another aspect of the second paragraph. The author of the page said they believe the salary increases are “excessive salary increases”. I want to share some easy to find averages with everyone before I go further.



SchillerThe above images were taken from a source for teacher salaries found here

So looking at three other surrounding School Districts I feel I can safely say that almost any salary increase in a new contract given to Schiller Park School District 81 teachers is by no means “Excessive”.  Taking into consideration all the amazing things these teachers do while being paid under the state average, and less then the three immediately surrounding districts.

In conclusion

I only touched on a few of the posts on that Facebook page, and not because the rest are accurate representations of the truth, but because I can only spend so much time debunking the authors who have made it a life long mission to throw dirt on people and a system who do not deserve it. It is my opinion that this page was created by a McCampbell, and is maintained by a McCampbell. I can no longer prove that as the permissions of the page have been changed to not allow that information to be seen. Because of this it will remain my opinion, and nothing more. Normally in the past I would also say that It is my opinion that David C Stachura is also involved, but he has not attended a meeting since June, and basically has no information to share.

I could pick this page apart for days and I will, but I had to start at the beginning. More to come soon.

When you read things posted on the internet please take a moment to consider your source. If the person with the information is not willing to share with you how they came to the conclusions they have, maybe there should be some questions of the validity of their information. If the person sharing their version of the truth is not wiling to have an open dialogue they may not be sharing the truth at all.








Pages, and Pages of Nonsence.

What would be your thoughts on a Facebook page focused on information about taxes in Schiller Park? Not a bad thing to have. I would be very interested in such a page.

What would be your thoughts on a Facebook page focused on information about taxes in Schiller Park that knowingly shares information that doesn’t apply to Shiller Park or its school district? I’m thinking it has a little less credibility, and is simply a political tool, but I would still read it to dig through the search engine rankings attempts for anything valid.

What would be your thoughts on a Facebook page focused on information about taxes in Schiller Park that knowingly shares information that doesn’t apply to Schiller Park or its school district and has almost 800 members more then 95% of them living in India? I’m thinking the credibility has gone right out the window.

What would be your thoughts on a facebook page focused on information about taxes in Schiller Park that knowingly shares information that doesn’t apply to Schiller Park or its school district and has almost 800 members more then 95% of them living in India, and one of only three American members out of 800 individuals is the wife of a man indicted for theft and official misconduct, and aprears to be the creator of the page. (Theft of taxpayer money for one, and to be more precise) I’m thinking now that this Facebook page is useless garbage that has no valid or quality information to share to any resident of Schiller Park. I’m thinking that its sole purpose is to try and rally support against the people in Schiller Park who are trying to do good things. That it is a sad attempt at covering up the good that is being done.

So the leader of a Facebook page claiming to represent the rights of taxpayers in Schiller Park is……


Face Darkened for my personal protection even though the Page can be found here freely for the public to see.  


Notice the list of members? I blacked out the page name not because there is something to hide, but because its absolute garbage and I personally will no longer attract direct attention to said pieces of garbage. It wouldn’t be hard to figure it out anyway.


All hail the leader! or one of them at least. The page is basically true to form of the other multiple page holder we have in town. If you do find the page take a look at its member base.

The most recent post to that page links an article that is very informative. (article found here)


Then the page adds this comment.



The truth of the matter at least as far as I can find is that District 81 has no limits put on it or the county by voters that would limit taxpayer-funded debt service’s Like Qualified Construction Bonds. So as always If I am wrong please point me in the correct direct for the facts, and I will be happy to dig further. As of right now the Facebook page that I am showing above is more garbage spread by a small group for the purpose of causeing anger towards a School System they have some grudge against.

I would like to again add that although the page itself is not hard to find I do not want to contribute to its nonsense.

Look at the sources of the information. If you dig into the people telling you this stuff you may be amazed what you find. Find your own truths, and come to your opinions.

Will the real James J Tompson please stand up.


It is an exciting day for the town of Schiller Park Illinois. An exciting day indeed. We have seen the return of the Schiller park blog in its fullest, but under a new name it seems. Some of the images are even the same as ones previously used by the schillerpark blog, and the purpose and meaning is exact. The spread of lies and Miss-information McCampbell style and I can not express my excitement at the new opertunities this provides me.

David Stachura, Katherine Stachura, Patricia Godziszewski, Mary Jane Goldthwaite, and Roy F McCampbell stooped to a new low. In their undying attempt to distract people from the truth, they have created a wordpress page with a title and name very similar to my own. This page replaces their previous schillerparkblog. They apparently feel that they can lessen my message of truth to the community by pretending to be me. I welcome the opertunity, and honestly the honor is all mine. They are now so desperate to continue in their campaign of destruction that they have choosen this route.

I want to remind everyone in this wonderful community that there is only one James J Tompson. I can be reached at this blog or at my email or on my Facebook by searching James J Tompson. Emphasis on the J. Any other use of that name is a fraud and should be treated as such.

Lastly in the spirit of my web page. I would also like to share the imposters blog. I am very much looking forward to being able to pick apart each and every post the fake blog makes. These are exciting times, and I am giddy with anticipation.

The most exciting thing about this new blog is that it adds a second side to every story. A lie or attempt to mislead of course, but a second side that will only encourage people to investigate deeper, and find the truth for thenselves.

The truth always finds a way.